Employee Spotlight: Lacy Russell!

Employee Spotlight falls on: Lacy Russell. She is the friendly voice on the other end of the line taking your support calls, meet our amazing Customer Service Representative, Lacy Russell!

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1. What’s your favorite spot in Denver?

 My favorite spot would have to be the Denver Center of Performing Arts. If I could go see a play or musical everyday, I totally would.

2. Where is your dream wedding destination?

I would love to get married just my fiance and I, on a beach in Hawaii. But…we have way too many family members for that to happen. I love the chapel at Red Rocks, and we will likely end up there with a small ceremony.
Red Rocks Chapel

3. If a movie was made of your life, who would play you?

I would like to think that Jennifer Anniston would play me. She is definitely my lady crush though. Is that weird?

4. What are your favorite drinks? ( Alcoholic and non)

Alcoholic beverage: Stoli O with soda water and lime. Non-alcoholic: Iced Tea.
Stoli O

5. If you were to be a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

If I were a cartoon character, I would be Bugs Bunny. I love bunnies.

6. What animal would you be if you had to fight a dragon? (Sorry, you can’t be a dragon)

If I had to fight a dragon, I would be a donkey. It worked out well in Shrek. Those dragon-donkey babies are adorable.

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