Enhanced Click-to-Call now on My FluentCloud!

Imagine a feature where instead of pushing seven buttons to call someone you only click one. That’s six extra seconds to the day, multiplied by the number of people called, minus one tired finger. Imagine no more because FluentStream has revamped the Click-to-Call feature with a new, sleek design now available on My FluentCloud.


This enhanced feature enables you to:

Call any number on the web using Chrome or a CRM system

Dial directly from any email client

Control your calls, from hanging up to transferring

View the internal office contact extensions

Manually enter phone numbers


One of our favorite aspects of Click-to-Call is the ability to see all the internal office extensions in a simple drop down menu. FluentStream realized that remembering every extension is time-consuming as is finding them the moment one is needed.  With Click-to-Call, users simply access the toolbar from a small icon on their Web browser and ta-dah! The drop down menu appears with all the contacts a user’s heart could desire, within the internal office of course.

Another bonus of FluentStream’s improved feature is the new look. It’s simple, easy to access and easy to hide.

Overall, this feature saves time and increases productivity, which FluentStream knows is important to customers!


Ready to use it now? It’s easy to install. Go to the Google Chrome Store and search FluentCloud in extensions or click here. Type in your Cloud Login, press save, check off three display settings below the login and hit save one more time. After restarting your browser you should be up and running with our new extension. You may contact us directly with any questions, through FluentStream.com 



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