Feature Spotlight: Voicemail-to-Email

Since the beginning of FluentStream’s foundation we have had a feature that has gained quite the popularity. That feature is voicemail-to-email. It is easy to see why it has gained popularity too, from reading books to researching documents, activities that once were a physical chore are now easily accessible thanks to the Internet. Checking a voicemail through that same medium is simply another chore made easier.

How is this possible? 

Our feature sends voicemails as a .Wav file attachment. This allows users to open the attached file on their computer or Smartphone. They even have the option of checking it through their Web portal.


No more waiting through prompts and pushing buttons to listen to a voicemail! As it has been reported, retrieving voicemails has declined in recent years, users don’t want to wait like they have been.

By checking voicemails through these various mediums users also have the ability to receive notifications and check email from anywhere. Again, no more waiting until getting to the office to check a voicemail.

That’s not all FluentStream has to offer with one of our most popular features. FluentStream can set up voicemails to be transcribed to text. Not only do users have the option to decide what medium to retrieve a voicemail but they also have the option to listen or read their voicemail.

Overall Benefits 

  • Shorter wait time 
  • More options 
  • Retrieve anywhere 
  • Read vs. Listen 

If you’re not yet set up with our voicemail-to-email feature, give us a call and we can get you started! Contact FluentStream, @FluentStream or call 303-GO-CLOUD


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