Field Services: Communicate Anywhere from Any Device

     Anyone in landscaping, HVAC, or any type of field services knows that compromise isn’t an option. If you aren’t offering maximum value at the lowest price, the competition is. To stay on top, you stay up-to-date on all the cool new technology being released in your industry, yet many field service companies still don’t understand the benefits of replacing their outdated, hardware-based phone system with a simpler, more powerful, software solution.

     For example, did you know that if you’re not the very first company to connect with a potential sales lead, your chances of winning the job drop by 78%? Did you know that 80% of companies think they are delivering good service but only 8% actually are? A software-based phone system can tie all of your customer communication together to create a single source of truth.

“Our current phone system is fine.”

     You never settle when it comes to your customers, so why settle when it comes to your phone system? Old-school analog options allow you to make and receive calls pretty well, as they have since the early 1900s, but you could be doing so much more.

     Upgrading to a cloud-hosted phone system gives dynamic small businesses access to the same capabilities as any Fortune 1000, large enterprise:

Increased Mobility

  • Not always at your desk but can’t afford to miss important calls? Through automated routing, calls into your business numbers can be diverted to any device, anywhere in the world. A convenient web portal also lets you access the system at any time, which is critical when your team travels a lot or works in the field.

Video Conferencing

  • Showing is always better than telling. Hosting a video conference will allow you to save a trip and still connect face-to-face with your customers, or you can hold team meetings no matter how many of your team members are out in the field.

Advanced Notifications

  • Imagine a world where you never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. Rather than just relying on your desk phone, you can have recordings sent to your email, missed calls forwarded to your cell phone, or even get a text notification every time a call comes into your business number.

Automatic Lead Dialing

  • You couldn’t dream about this with a traditional, hardware-based phone system, but with software, you can make sure you’re the first to contact new opportunities by instantaneously responding as soon as a lead comes in from the web or your CRM. You can also call or send an SMS text message to increase the chances of connecting and winning!

“It's not in our budget right now to update our phone system.”

     Actually, since the entire platform lives in the cloud, it requires far less time and money upfront to install than a traditional PBX, hardware-based phone system. You’ll also be excited to learn software-based systems are 40% cheaper per month on average, reduce the cost of local calls by up to 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls.

     On top of that, by combining all your communication channels into one single, software platform, you also combine all your costs into one (noticeably smaller) bill and avoid paying for feature overlap. Most providers also offer their advanced features à la carte so you’re never stuck paying for things you don’t use.

     Additionally, you can dramatically improve your sales and customer support team’s productivity. Transcribing information into multiple places, manually inputting data, and dialing each individual phone number are small, menial tasks that add up and take time. And as any small business owner knows, time is money. By switching to a software solution, you drastically reduce how much time your team spends on busywork.

“We don't have time to learn a new phone system.”

     Not only will VoIP calling work on nearly all modern devices, any UCaaS platform worth its salt will integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

     Another benefit of a cloud-based system is that it can easily scale with the unique needs of your business. Any changes or updates can be done remotely by your provider’s client experience team. Phone numbers and extensions can be added or removed with the click of a button. New features can be implemented without needing to bring in an IT person or install additional hardware. Regardless of how much your situation changes, a UCaaS system is always the perfect fit.

     To learn more about how a UCaaS system can benefit your business, visit our website or call 303-GO-CLOUD to schedule a meeting with one of our salespeople!

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