Five Things We Know to Be True

FluentStream has been around for many years doing the same thing: business phones. Here are some of things we’ve learned:

  1. Excellent phone support wins. We see this everyday. It goes like this: “It was a pleasure working with you. You’re an excellent communicator;  personable and direct in answering questions. Plus, you responded quickly. So rare to find! Quality customer service from you is one of the main reasons we chose FluentStream.” The system we build and the service we deliver empowers our customers to win with best-in-class phone support (without outsourcing).
  2. Hearing is more important than being heard. Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation is, and has always been, the needs and wants of the businesses who use our service. We would be crazy to think that we had the information requisite to give businesses across the country and around the world the best phone service imaginable. That information (those needs, the things that keep our customers up at night) belongs to our customers. When they are kind enough to share it, wow-ee. We better be listening.
  3. 24/7 is better than 9-5. Way better. From the very beginning, we got real. The businesses that power the world aren’t stopping. Ever. If we are going to be essential to these groups and give them what they need, can we close our doors (or support channels) at 5? No way. Can we outsource them to support agents who are anything less than experts with our product? Definitely not. Call FluentStream support anytime of the day or night and get an in-house support rep that works closely with our product and service everyday.
  4. You gotta give yourself something to work with. Our niche is still small. Only 15% of businesses have adopted cloud-based phone systems. And competition is fierce. We’re only one of many, many cloud-based business phone providers. If we thought we could be the same as other providers and win business, we’d lose. No doubt. We’ve given businesses a reason to choose us that, once seen, cannot be ignored. And it’s simple. Our customer support doesn’t suck. Part of that is keeping channels to experts open 24/7/365. Part of that is hiring right and treating employees like investments. Part of that is trusting your employees and giving them the power to re-imagine how they will put customer happiness first.
  5. Iterate. Then maximize. It is hard to keep up with the pace of new technology. You can’t win if you don’t get stuff out the door. We turn ideas into “solids” so fast around here, it would make your head spin. Some of the “solids” work, some don’t. Thinking on your feet and moving fast is better than constantly struggling to catch-up because you spent too much time at the drawing board. Plus, once stuff is out of our heads and into the world, it becomes open to the very best class of feedback: that which comes from our users.


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