Fluent in Franchises: How FluentStream’s Cloud-Hosted Solution Elevates Small Business Communication

Franchise owners wear many hats, especially when they’re just starting out. When choosing suppliers and partners, they need solutions that are easy to implement and adopt, and ready to scale as they add headcount and locations. FluentStream aims to make choosing a phone system an easy decision. Our all-new FluentStream franchise program offers features and benefits designed specifically for franchises.

Much like franchise ownership provides a turnkey way to start a business, FluentStream’s solution provides all the tools and support needed to set franchise owners up for success and growth. Think of it as an out-of-the-box business communication solution with advanced business phone features, world-class support, special pricing, and helpful resources.

A Tailored Communications Program for Franchises

Cloud-based phone system technology, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), has revolutionized small business communication by offering reliable phone service along with enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. Let’s look at some of the 110+ features included with FluentStream’s plan and how they empower franchise businesses across industries.

  • Using the auto attendant for call routing, franchises can eliminate the need for a dedicated receptionist. Instead, businesses can customize their greeting and menu to direct callers to the appropriate department or extension.

    Example: A home healthcare franchise can ensure after-hours calls are routed to the caregiver on call that evening by updating their menu and routing options.

  • The eFax feature allows businesses to receive faxes as emails, streamlining communication channels and eradicating the costs associated with traditional fax machines, like paper, ink, and maintenance.

    Example: A real estate franchise's closing coordinator can manage the flow of client paperwork quickly without needing to be in the office or near a fax machine.

  • Voicemail transcription to email makes it easy for busy owners and operators to access voicemail messages from anywhere and scan messages to address urgent matters more quickly.

    Example: A sales representative for a home services franchise can scan their email for new leads instead of listening to every voicemail, allowing for more timely follow-ups.

  • FluentStream’s mobile apps, including FluentStream Mobile and FluentStream Admin, let franchise leaders and employees make, receive, and manage work calls from anywhere while keeping business and personal calls and contacts separate.

    Example: An advisor working for a financial services franchise can receive client calls made to their office extension from their mobile phone while traveling or working remotely.

Why Top Franchise Brands Choose FluentStream

Beyond the advanced cloud communication technology, customers like HomeWatch CareGivers appreciate the added value provided by FluentStream’s plan. FluentStream provides communications for 20+ Homewatch CareGivers locations as well as their corporate headquarters.

“FluentStream is among the preferred vendors we recommend to our franchise owners,” said Rebeca Botero, Business Partners Support Manager, Homewatch CareGivers. “FluentStream’s services are adaptable and HIPAA-compliant, which are critical for our mobile workforce that relies on dependable communication services to best serve the needs of our clients.”

Franchises Currently Using FluentStream

Here’s how our tailored plan supports and empowers franchise customers during every stage in their journey.

  • Concierge-style onboarding process. During implementation and training, franchises will work closely with a dedicated customer success manager to customize FluentStream’s solution to their business requirements and train employees.
  • Custom portal with personalized franchise materials. FluentStream provides franchises with a custom-branded web portal with helpful training resources they can distribute to new franchise owners.
  • Dedicated customer success manager. As their businesses and needs evolve, franchises will have dedicated support to help them get the most out of their FluentStream plan.
  • Special offers & discounts. Franchises will find FluentStream’s pricing straightforward and affordable, with unlimited U.S. calling and SMS included. Visit our franchise page for more details and current offers.

With award-winning, U.S.-based customer care, reliable service, HIPAA compliance, and more, FluentStream is the top cloud communications choice for franchises. Click here to learn more and schedule a demo.

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