FluentCloud WebPhone Updates

The FluentCloud WebPhone is already the go-to application when it comes to virtual dialing on the FluentStream system, but recently we’ve added some features that will make it even better.

Three-Way Calling

The most requested addition to WebPhone is finally here! To get a three-way call going, simply start a call as you would normally, select Add Call in the bottom right corner, call that second line, and then select Merge Calls. For sales teams, this means you can have your contact loop in a decision-maker without having to rely on a callback or second appointment. Employees that work remotely or on the go can now speak with multiple coworkers without having to use their cell phone minutes. With three-way calling, WebPhone takes another step closer to being the only communications app your company needs.

Start/Pause Call Recording

Recording calls is an important aspect of many businesses, and now it’s easier than ever to manage directly from your WebPhone. No feature codes, no web portal. With the click of a button, recordings can now be started or paused depending on your specific needs. Required to keep client confirmations on file? Simply start a recording during that part of the call and pause it again as soon as you move on. Is a client passing along confidential personal/payment information? Put their mind at ease by pausing the recording beforehand. Managing call recording directly through the WebPhone not only means fewer interruptions for your employees, but easier interactions for your clients as well.

Chat, Group Chat, and Internal Presence

As the pace of the modern workplace continues to get faster, being able to quickly and conveniently communicate with other members of your team is more important than ever. By opening the Chat tab on your WebPhone, you can ask questions, report updates, or even check if someone is available all without having to open a new window. Need to make an announcement to multiple employees without interrupting their calls? Send a Group Chat message. With the new Chat functionality, WebPhone opens up more of your desktop, and most importantly more of your time, by keeping all your work communications in one application.

Picking Favorites and Company Directory

With the new Favorites feature, you no longer need to scroll through all of your contacts to reach the ones you communicate with most. Click the star icon, and from now on they’ll show up at the top of your list in alphabetical order, waiting for you to send them a call or message. Another new addition to the Contacts tab is the Company Directory. Here you can find a list of all the extensions on your account, as well as call them directly without having to leave the WebPhone or manually input the extension number.

Call Forwarding and “Follow Me” Options

The Settings icon on your WebPhone isn’t just for your application anymore. That handy dandy cogwheel now also allows you to set up or make changes to the forwarding on your extension without ever having to open the FluentCloud Web Portal. All the same functionality is there--Always Forward, Forward on Busy, Follow Me--with the same convenient layout, just now in a more convenient place. For employees, it’s easier than ever to manage your extension when out of the office or even just stepping away for a meeting. For employers, this means less time is needed for training and less oversight is required to keep the phone system running smoothly.

Extension Statistics

Speaking of My FluentCloud User Portal functionality you can now access on the WebPhone, the new Extension Statistics tab allows users to view everything from Total Number of Calls to Average Talk Time. Updating after every call, this makes it easier than ever for agents to keep track of their own progress or compare their phone use from day to day. Another useful statistic found on that tab is the differentiation between Inbound and Outbound calls. Whether for salespeople or support teams, it’s important to know how many of your conversations receive follow-ups.

On the Horizon

As with all aspects of the FluentCloud phone system, our WebPhone is constantly being evaluated and improved to best meet the needs of our users. Our goal is to create the best, most versatile softphone application possible by listening to the needs of our clients and building our platforms with the goals of solving problems and bringing upon new opportunities.

If you are a current FluentStream customer and have any questions or want to learn more about the FluentCloud WebPhone, email support@fluentstream.com or call 303-GO-CLOUD option 2. If you are not a current customer and would like to learn more, call 303-GO-CLOUD option 1.

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