FluentStream Grows With Norman Peterson and Associates

When choosing a phone solution, remember your business communications needs will change. Your business will grow and develop, and your phone system should do that with you. This happened to Norman Peterson and Associates, who “enhance quality of life for injured employees with a timely return to work.”  They provide a Return-to-Work service that helps employers significantly reduce their workers’ compensation costs while maintaining, even improving, productivity.

Similar to FluentStream Technologies, Norman Peterson and Associates has doubled in size and quickly. Sarah Morris-Peterson, Computer Systems Analyst / Business Development, realized with a traditional phone service it was a lot more complicated and expensive to add new phone lines for new employees. Beyond just growing as a company, Norman Peterson and Associates have several employees working from their homes and were forwarding business calls to personal home telephones. Morris-Peterson knew she wanted to find an affordable professional business phone system that could support their growth and virtual workers.

Morris-Peterson found FluentStream Technologies to be more affordable and have an easier-to-manage portal. “Some of our staff members aren’t as tech savvy as others,” Morris-Peterson said. “They can call the FluentStream Technologies support number to have their personal features, like call forwarding, turned on and off. Everyone at FluentStream Technologies has been so very helpful.”

 Since Norman Peterson and Associates have been a customer, they have been avid users of the find me/follow me feature, so clients and other employees are able to reach them no matter where they are working. Morris-Peterson has described their experience with FluentStream Technologies in all aspects as “seamless.” Having a solution that is able to scale up and down depending on business needs is essential for communications success. Norman Peterson and Associates found this possible with FluentStream Technologies’ solution.

Visit Norman Peterson and Associates to help your injured workers get back to work quickly and safely.

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