FluentStream Helps Higher Power Marketing Work Completely Virtual

Higher Power Marketing is the perfect example of a virtual company. All seven employees live in different states.

You would think this would be difficult to have consistent communication for team members and there would have to be several different phone numbers with various area codes. With the use of the FluentCloud conference calls and extensions through their auto attendant, it’s easy for clients to get in contact with who they are looking for and for the employees to stay connected.

Before FluentStream, Higher Power Marketing had a different phone service for each state that there was an employee. Being able to have an integrated phone solution for the company became essential.

Peter Feinstein, President/CEO of Higher Power Marketing, is known for looking what is coming ‘next.’ With his idea of guaranteed marketing, Feinstein has created a business that allows clients to pay per inquiry.

With the motto “exceptional media to fuel your success,” it not only guarantees clients to be happy with the results they get but also creates everlasting relationships with clients.

As Higher Power Marketing grows, their phone solution is also able to keep up. “We are growing and are growing fast,” Feinstein said. “I’m happy to say FluentStream has made it easy to face increases in calls.”

Visit Higher Power Marketing to invest in per inquiry advertising.

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