FluentStream LOVES Denver Startup Week!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas around the FluentStream office today- OK, not really. We are just PUMPED (bouncing off the walls, running around in circles, crying out in pure joy at frequent intervals) like little kids on Christmas Eve. Why? Denver Startup Week cracks off bright and early this Monday morning!

DSWWhat on Earth is there to be so stoked about? (We know, we have to be careful). Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the best possible celebration of entrepreneurial spirit, community camaraderie, Denver, good times with friends, and beer (or the beverage of your choice). Sprinkle that mirage with events aimed towards advancing your career and expanding the successes of Denver Startups and you may have a “brain taste” (yes, I just coined that phrase) of what Denver Startup Week has to offer its participants.

Denver Startup Week has a special place in FluentStream’s heart. Since our early startup days, we have loved the opportunities that Denver Startup Week offers to connect with peers and community leaders, learn from proven success stories, share our successes (our President and Founder has been honored to present at the events), and cut loose and enjoy ourselves. This year, our Director of Marketing and Customer Development, Josh Ellis, had the great opportunity to be a part of the week’s planning committee. Denver Startup Week also offers a rare opportunity for startups to think and collaborate on how they can help each other- FluentStream takes the opportunity to offer special pricing to our friends there, so they can take advantage of our awesome services right from the beginning of their “start.”

The event starts Monday September 15th and lasts all week long. Register and put your party shoes on- it’s gonna be a ball!

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