FluentStream Makes Retro Phones Ring!

There is something magical about the phones of yesteryear. Who could forget the banana, hamburger, pizza, (insert your favorite food)-phone that was the center of your “I still live with my parents and have little artistic freedom” décor? Or what about your grandmother’s wall-mounted rotary that rang like an ambulance driving through the living room? Remember how excited you were when your parents finally bought a cordless so you could speak with your flavor-of-the-week from the privacy of your own room?

We at FluentStream have been feeling nostalgic. We’ve been wanting to touch an old phone- and better yet, to use one. It’s even more awesome than we remember.

How exactly do we do this? FluentStream uses an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) device to convert the analog signal of your beloved, yet ancient, phone (or fax machine) so that it is able to communicate with our VoIP network.  Using an analog phone with the help of an ATA device will not allow you full access to all of FluentStream’s awesome features or provide the best possible audio quality (phones have come a long way since 1985), but you will be able to use the phone just like you did when you were in high school.

The bottom line: if you want to handle your most important business calls on a hamburger phone, FluentStream can make it happen. And we can make it happen well.

Our office pal, Zeke the husky, prefers to talk to customers on his retro neon phone.

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