Growing with Hosted VoIP

When your business is growing, there is a lot to be excited about. (Insert animations of all of your wildest dreams coming true).

There is also a lot to be worried about. How will you find the time to put in the hundreds of hours of hard work ahead? Where will the funds necessary for your next level of growth come from? Will you continue to be able to recruit and retain the talent you need in increasing quantities?

Hosted VoIP can help.

As you no longer need to worry about hosted VoIP’s reliability (FluentStream delivered 99.9999% uptime over the last two years), it’s time to transition to the more affordable and more advanced business phone technology and never look back.

I mentioned more affordable. FluentStream regularly saves businesses 50% (or more) off of their previous monthly phone bills. That is a monthly sum of cold hard cash that growing businesses can invest in more crucial growth-oriented endeavors: marketing, recruitment, sales, etc. Not to mention, starting up with hosted VoIP can cost close to nothing. Because hosted VoIP service is based in the cloud, there is no need for costly on-site equipment that will soon be out-dated. In terms of user devices, you can start with softphones which will allow you to manage calls and faxes from any computer (FluentStream’s own AND FREE WebPhone is an excellent option). When you are ready to commit more wholeheartedly to the cost savings that hosted VoIP will allow your business, the options for physical devices are plentiful.

We know that growing businesses are smart enough to care about more than the bottom line.

Hosted VoIP solutions provide businesses with the most advanced scalability capabilities the telecommunications world has ever seen. Setting your newest talent up with the tools needed to communicate with the world is a breeze- phone numbers, extensions, devices, voicemail boxes, email notifications, etc. can be added and managed quickly and easily with FluentStream’s innovative My FluentCloud Web Portal. The Web Portal will also allow you to adjust your routes and Auto-Attendants as your staff and teams evolve. The cherry on top: you pay an all-inclusive per user amount that is predictable and affordable.

In today’s business world, making connections outside your immediate network and continuing to take excellent care of your customers and employees while having less time can mean that you’re always on the go. With hosted VoIP systems, working away from your desk is easy. FluentStream’s Find Me/Follow Me feature instructs your calls to chase you around at all of your personal “hot spots” (your desk, your home office, your mobile phone) until the call finds you. With a mobile app, you can take your work extension around the world with you on your cell phone. If you do have to miss a call, don’t worry- the voicemail will appear in your email inbox.

Maybe the talent your business craves isn’t available in your local market. Hosted VoIP allows you to hire anywhere in the world, tie the talent into your central phone system, and feel like you’re all under one roof. If your key employees need to work from home a couple days per week, that is no longer a big deal.

Implementing hosted VoIP will expand the options your business has to communicate with the world. You will be able to develop your telecommunications dream scheme, rather than being along for an out-dated ride (and paying too much for it). Growing pains are going to come to successful businesses, but let hosted VoIP ease the pain.

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