How Cloud Storage is like a Leprechaun

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner we thought it would be fun to point out how Cloud Storage is like a leprechaun. Sound crazy? Well wait until you hear the connections.


The little man with the ginger beard stores coins in huge pots and makes sure the wrong people do not get to them. Cloud stores information in huge servers and makes sure the wrong disasters do not get to them as well. Connection number one!

Number two: These pots of gold are stored at the end of rainbows around the world. If one is found, the leprechaun still has gold in other places! If a leprechaun can find a rainbow, he’s putting a pot o’ gold there. Like this, Cloud storage has servers in Data Centers around the world. If one goes down the Cloud still has that information at other located Data Centers. Here at FluentStream we have servers around the US to make sure our phone software does not go down!

Number three: The man with the funny, green, toddler-sized shoes protects this golden treasure for the Danes. Cloud protects this golden information for people. The only difference is people can retrieve their golden information.


Gold Coins=Information


Rainbow=Data Center

Last but certainly not least, people love Leprechauns. You know what else they love? The Cloud. Sadly, Cloud Storage does not wear cute little green shorts with a red beard and a top hat, but we think they’re saving that for Cloud 2.0!

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