How to Create an Awesome Auto-Attendant

Have you ever called an automated number and hung up because it was too confusing or intricate?

As a telephone software company, we hear and make auto recordings every day so we know that having an awesome Auto-Attendant can do a lot for your business. Customers or prospects are more likely to stay on the line when directions are easy and direct to follow. This in turn leads to happy and future customers. So how do you create an awesome Auto-Attendant? Here’s what we have found to be the best practices.


1. Keep it BRIEF

Would you rather wait in a line with 10 people or 2 people? The same logistics apply to listening options. Most people want to get straight to the point and listen to as little as possible to get what they need.  Shorter is better!


2. Important stuff FIRST

Tying in with the first suggestion, the most important options should be first so users can do less. Important in this context means the inquiries that the majority of your customers call about. Getting the majority of your customers through faster means more happy people, this is good.


3.  Sound Professional

After following the first two practices, it’s important to make sure these recordings SOUND professional. Who wants to listen to a monotone or quiet voice? One option is to find a voice talent that matches your company atmosphere. Lucky for you, FluentStream now offers professional voice talents that you can choose from! Check out this link if you need this for your amazing Auto-Attendant.


4. Get the script down

So now you’ve got the best voice for your business and you know to keep it simple, what’s the final step? Get the script DOWN! It doesn’t do any good if you have a great sounding voice with a script that makes no sense or has errors in it. A good plan of action is to write the script, read it over for corrections and then read it OUT LOUD.  This is a great way to catch mistakes and let coworkers listen for errors as well.


Now that you have the tools, go out and create a kick-butt auto attendant!

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