I love you Cloud Computing, XoXo FluentStream

Today in our office we found this love letter from FluentStream to Cloud Computing! We thought it was sweet so we decided to display it for you guys. Happy Valentines Day!


Dear Cloud Computing,

I’m so happy we met each other. We’ve come a long way since we first met and I want you to know why I like you so much. 

One reason I like you is the fact that you fulfill my wants so easily. When I need less, you give me space and when I need more, you’re ready to open up.  I know exactly what you’re about as you do me. Not only do I understand you but also you understand my needs and always give the BEST solutions to help me out. I feel so natural around you and I love the way you compliment me. 

You also care about my corporate friends, and their needs, which is wonderful to find in a Cloud companion. I mean you’re always so updated and in sync with their information! Did I mention how great you are at getting others to collaborate and work together? So adorable!

You’re efficient too, whenever I have a problem you’re right there to help and I always feel better so quickly. You just come out of nowhere to help. You’re everywhere I need you to be!

I guess I feel some sort of security with you when it comes down to it. You remember everything I tell you, if I lose something you somehow find it for me, you think of my smaller company pals and you always help me in my time of need. You’re just the best!

You know I may just be in love, I can tell this is going to be a lasting relationship and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

XoXo FluentStream

P.S This could go on and on with your other beautiful features *blushes* but I’ll save that for another letter.


Even though FluentStream is completely smitten over Cloud Computing,  we’d have to agree with the points in there.

Cloud software offers companies more bandwidth because of its server’s vast capacity to hold it. By having this, companies now have the ability to add or subtract what they need more easily. Their wants are fulfilled.

Cloud aids company efficiency as well by automatically updating software and syncing their information over multiple platforms. Workers can now collaborate faster as they automatically see changes to a platform, such as a document.

Studies show that Cloud helps recovery at a company if anything goes wrong almost four times as fast compared to a company without Cloud software. (Aberdeen) This shows that Cloud is efficient when there is a problem as FluentStream so eloquently expressed.

Finally, Cloud offers security as nothing is lost when saved because it is not on a single computer or hard drive. Data can be accessed from multiple portals.

I guess there’s a reason FluentStream is love-struck. Wouldn’t you be with qualities like that?



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