I should have known what VoIP was.. Then it clicked.

Being new to the technology world I have heard a lot of confusing words thrown around.  I have had to dumb stuff down for myself to an extreme. Trying to teach myself what Voice Over Internet Protocol was, I found that starting from the beginning of phone communication made the most sense. I finally understood it is simply being able to make a telephone call using a broadband Internet connection.

Even in this generation, phones once had to be physically connected to a telephone network. Phones used wall jacks that were location sensitive, meaning that if you were to plug your physical phone into a different location it would have a different phone number.

I remember when cell phones became popular and how incredible it was to have the ability to be disconnected from the hard-wired network and use airwaves. The problem today is that cell phone users can face a painful bill every month. My little brother is always checking his minutes or megabytes in the data plan he has. Most businesses cannot rely on cell phone technology for all their staff. Not only is it expensive, but cell phones are famous for dropped calls, dead zones and often a generally bad connection.

Affordability and connection reliability are available via the Internet. The cloud gives businesses the opportunity for greater access to cost-saving telephone service. Though this has been around for a while, it has become the popular service direction for businesses to look to.  I feel a little behind since I just now understand how most of my favorite companies communicate with customers like me. As long as there is Internet, communication with VoIP is possible and limitless.


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