Introducing: FluentCloud Meetings

You find yourself in Tinseltown and your office manager, Kate, wants to meet with you face to face. The only problem: she’s stuck in Denver.

A simple call isn’t enough, she needs to show you something on her computer, in real time. Screenshots can’t tell the whole story and an email just won’t cut it. What do you do?

FluentCloud Meetings to the rescue!

So… what do you do? Fire up a quick video conference with FluentCloud Meetings, our brand new integrated video conferencing solution. With FluentCloud Meetings, you can quickly set up video conferences that run right from your web browser. You can invite users to join with your unique conference code and being seeing them face to face in a matter of seconds.

Kate explains to you that they just closed the biggest deal of the year and shows you exactly what’s happening at the office. You can chat from within the platform and invite non-video users to conference in as well. Speaker-aware technology lets you know exactly who’s has the floor and who else is in the “room” with you.

Now you can continue your trip knowing your time in Tinseltown will be well spent. Hey, maybe you’ll even be cast for that upcoming summer blockbuster. You never know.

Get started with FluentCloud Meetings today! No installation required and it links directly with your existing audio conference. Easily share your computer screen with other conference room attendees, and even share private chat sessions too. All you need is a web browser with an active internet connection. It even works on your Android smartphone via the Google Chrome browser.


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