New Look, Even Stronger Commitment to Our Clients

Welcome to the beautiful new!

We've rebuilt the site to be easier to use, easier to navigate, and easier to understand the value we provide our clients.

Even though it's our redesign, it's really all about you.

We've always put you, the client, at the forefront of our world and we realized that our website was missing that commitment.

So, we decided to rebuild our website to make sure that the focus is squarely where it needs to be. This website represents our renewed commitment to you. Think of it as our 2nd wedding where we renew our vows and refresh our commitment.

A New Look, All For You

The beating heart of this renewed commitment is the redesigned FluentStream website.

As a communications software company, we know the importance of clear communication. That’s why the primary goal of our changes were to make the website more helpful, easier to navigate, and clearer about how we benefit your business.

The new is a helpful, welcoming place to learn about FluentStream’s services. Simplified navigation makes it easy to browse information about our subscriptions and products. Features are broken down by categories and use cases so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

We’ve also made it much easier to log into the My FluentCloud web portal, view open positions at FluentStream, or peruse our Blog.

When developing the new, we took a dedicated approach to our imagery and iconography. We wanted to make sure that our focus was squarely placed on our core message of enhancing your ability to better serve your clients, and so we were deliberate in our use of photos and illustrations. Our commitment to providing superior software and friendly service should shine through in the use of our creative elements. That's also why we've decided to show actual client use cases, quotes, testimonials, reviews and implementations whenever possible.

While there were a lot of improvements that we made to the site, we're especially proud of the work that went into our Why Fluentstream page. This is the center of the rededication to our core commitment and it conveys exactly what makes us the easiest business to do business with.

Easy as Pie Every Step of the Way

Upgrading your communications can seem daunting. Setting everything up and retraining your staff can feel like a hassle. We get it, we take on those challenges every day for our clients.

Dedication to being the easiest business to do business with extends far beyond just using your phone system. It’s the philosophy we apply to every part of our business, and every step of your journey to becoming a client. From selecting subscriptions to dialing from your computer--FluentStream makes things easy enough for everyone.

Easiest Business to Buy From

We’re committed to being the easiest company to buy phone service from. Start to finish, we collaborate directly with you to build a communications package that maximizes your savings and meets all of your needs.

Instead of trying to lock you into a cut-and-paste plan, we build you a custom package that fits your budget and only includes the features you’ll actually use.

All the expert assistance you want. None of the hidden fees or long-term contracts you don’t.

Easiest Service to Get Started

FluentStream is a fully cloud-hosted phone service with a dedicated onboarding team, meaning we can get everything set up without disrupting your business or bringing in an IT consultant.

We know running your business is already a full-time job. Rather than adding to your workload, our Onboarding team manages each step of the setup process and puts together personalized training for your team.

We also give you the first thirty days of service free so you can fall in love with all your new tools before spending a dime.

Upgrading your communications should make your life easier, not harder. So sit back, relax, and let us handle the details.

Easiest Software to Use

We build all our communications technology in-house, with regular client feedback, to make sure every product and feature is designed with you in mind. That's why all of our talk, text, and video services feel as easy as picking up the phone.

Make calls with a single click.
Host video conferences directly from your browser.
Turn any device into a mobile office.

However you want to communicate with your clients, we have the tools to make it easy.

Easiest Team to Get Help From

Our Client Experience Team makes a simple promise to every FluentStream client: whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer any questions you have and provide friendly, award-winning service.

Whether its a call, chat or email, we guarantee the fastest response time in the industry.

Client-centric to the Core

FluentStream’s mission to make things easy for our clients is the core of our company culture. You deserve the best and our team works hard to make sure that’s exactly what you get. It’s not a slogan or a strategy, it’s just who we are.

No one exemplifies our client-centric culture better than our 2019 FluentStream Superstar* Tyson Anderson.

Since joining the team, Tyson has worked non-stop to make our clients’ jobs easier. You need your phone system to work the way you expect, and Tyson is perhaps the best in the industry at doing whatever is necessary to make that happen.

He has the in-depth product knowledge to know what the right feature is for every situation, and also the expertise to make the appropriate changes right on the call with you.

He always explains complicated technical issues in ways everyone can understand. This is what separates a good support agent from a great one, a regular star from a superstar.

Just ask any of the clients he’s helped! They’ll tell you Tyson’s number one quality is his ability to turn every problem into a learning experience. Whatever the solution is, he can explain it in a way that makes sense regardless of the client’s technical skill level.

Whenever a new support ticket comes in, Tyson does his best to find an answer as quickly as possible, making sure that your questions are answered in minutes instead of days.

If you’d like to learn more about the man, the myth, the legend that is Tyson Anderson, take a look at our Superstar Spotlight interview.

*Fluentstream Superstar is our new award given to the employee who most exemplifies our mission of being the easiest business to do business with

We Take Your Feedback to Heart

Our commitment to being client-centric is making sure we're always listening to you. Feedback is how we improve. It's how we measure ourselves, and it helps us understand if we're meeting your expectations.

We’ve established a few easy ways to let us know, and we hope you’ll put them to use!

Quarterly Followup Calls

It may seem obvious, but the best way we know to get feedback directly from our clients is to call and ask them. Every quarter, we reach out to every single FluentStream account and make sure their service is working exactly how they expect. And if it’s not, we either fix their issues right there on the call, or get back to them as soon as we have the right solution.

Post-Call Surveys

Any time you finish a call with our support team, you’ll be invited to partake in a quick survey about how it went. The survey only takes ten seconds, and even allows you to record an audio review at the end. They’re used for training, but mainly help us make sure we’re consistently providing the best quality of service possible.

Online Reviews

We encourage all of our clients to let the world know about their FluentStream experience. If it’s been good, great! We’ll see what we did well so we can make sure to keep doing it. And if you felt there were some areas we could improve, rest assured that we take your input seriously and will see what we can do to either resolve your issues or do better next time.

Everything We Do, We Do for You

Numerous people throughout FluentStream worked extremely hard to make our redesign dreams come true, and it was all for you--our beloved clients. We strive every day to make your jobs easier with the best service and support possible.

Thank you for choosing us as your communications solution. You’re the center of our universe, and your trust means the world to us.

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