New Phone Alert. Coming Soon . . . the Polycom VVX101 and VVX201!

It rings, it rings, and it rings some more and although our phones might drive us crazy, we know that as long as it’s ringing, business is still running. Often desk phones might feel complicated and the interface might be too much to use.

That’s why we are excited to announce the Polycom VVx101 and VVX201!

vvx-201The Polycom VVx101 and VVx201 are entry level phones for your business that offer a single or double line and both run on our reliable FluentStream Hosted VoIP platform.

The Polycom VVx101 is an affordable and reliable single line IP desk phone with a basic LCD layout screen. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, the Polycom VVx201 is a step above with an entry-level two-line IP phone with HD sound quality and 2 Ethernet ports.vvx-101

Each with a simple interface and simple design, the VVx101 and VVx201 are perfect basic desk phones for your business that will give you excellent quality. 

Each of these phones are coming soon and can be purchased by contacting us here

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