Once Upon a Time with Live Manager


FluentStream’s Live Manager is one of those newfangled inventions that solves so many problems for your business that it can be difficult at first to understand what exactly it is

The simple answer is that Live Manager is a communications dashboard that allows you to manage your whole phone system from a single screen (see even more details here). But that doesn’t really do it justice. 

Instead, let me tell you a few stories about how much easier real world business scenarios are when you have Live Manager on your side. 

Take a seat in your comfiest chair. Plop a little umbrella in your favorite fruity drink. Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be transported to a magical land where your everyday annoyances fade away. 

Once upon a time with Live Manager… 


You knew it was about to happen, but then it happens and you’re not sure what to do. 

Drew is about the most reliable office admin anyone could ever ask for. But being a great employee means you are allowed to take time off and go on vacation and Drew’s earned it. 

Now that he’s gone, the phones are ringing and no one is exactly sure how to transfer calls, what everyone’s extension is and how to set up a 3-way call. It’s a truly apocalyptic scenario for your business. 

Except, Live Manager has come to your rescue. With a flick of your mouse and a roll of your eyes, you can step in and be more Drew than you ever thought possible. 

Live Manager is a one-stop-shop to manage all of your phone calls so that anyone from your company (yes, even you) can hold down the fort until the professional can return (hopefully fully tan and relaxed). 

And when Drew does return, he can use it too to make his job sooo much easier. 

For example, how many wrist flicks would it take to…

Answer a new call? One click. 

Transfer that call to a different extension? One drag and drop. 

Prevent that annoying telemarketer from clogging your boss’s phone line? That’s right. Just one click allows you to send them straight to voicemail. 

But wait, you’re saying that there’s more to Drew’s job than just transferring calls? Well, that’s probably true, but with Live Manager, you can also check to see who is on a call and who is available to receive a call. All from the same dashboard view. 


You’ve just added a new employee to your growing Sales Team. Let’s call him New Guy Bob. Congratulations Bob, you’ve got a shiny new phone, a list of clients to call, a huge smile on your face, and hunger in your eyes. 

After eating the cake (and taking a nap) it’s time to get New Guy Bob up to speed on the specific tactics your business uses to work deals. Usually, this is considered the not-so-fun part. 

Fortunately for both you and New Guy Bob, you have FluentStream Live Manager. 

You’ll be able to use it to get him into his groove before he’s even picked up the phone. “How is that possible,” you ask? Well, let’s take a look at just some of the ways Live Manager makes it easier to train new employees. 

Right out the gate, you can start having New Guy Bob listen in on live calls your veteran sales people are having with prospects. 

None of that fake scenario nonsense where you hold a banana up to your head and pretend that that a call is happening. With Live Manager, New Guy Bob can easily hear how the pros do it, without being awkwardly introduced on the call or worrying about the prospect hearing him. 

Then, when New Guy gets the basics down, you can flip the script and have him talk to prospects while you or another salesperson gives him hints and pointers live on the call. 

Here’s the cool piece of this, included in Live Manager is something that we call Listen/Whisper/Barge and that provides a way where you or the other salesperson can whisper into Bob’s ear and he’s the only one who can hear. 

And just wait, there’s more that we offer to help New Guy Bob. Let’s say that Bobby gets himself into a pickle. A prospect asks a question that he doesn’t know the answer to. With Listen/Whisper/Barge included in Live Manager, you’ll be able to jump in and answer the question. Live Manager is so fast that even if you weren’t already on the phone, New Guy Bob can slack you, you can jump into the call and then answer it. Quick and Easy. That’s how we roll. 

Before you know it, New Guy Bob has emerged from his training cocoon as fully trained-Sales Guy Bob and you’ve cut your training time in half. 


It happens to the best of us, and it’s always painful. Something went wrong, someone made a promise they shouldn’t have — there are any number of reasons it happened, but the result is the same. 

A customer left Mary-Anne, a superstar member of your support team, a negative review. 

The first course of action is obviously to reach out to the customer and make things right. But after that, it’s time to look internally and see how you can improve going forward. 

You guessed it, this is where Live Manager comes in to make things easy as Sunday morning. Rather than implementing changes you think will help, use Live Manger to keep an eye on your support agents and find concrete areas that need improvement. 

With Live Manager, you can

  • Quickly calls get answered to make sure your SLA is being met every time
  • Listen in on how agents are handling support calls in real time to identify training opportunities 
  • Track hold times across your support team to make sure customers aren’t marooned on elevator music island for too long 
  • Notice if specific agents are taking too many or too few calls to ensure everyone is doing their part 

Again, all of this is being done right on the Live Manager dashboard, right from your desktop. One screen with all the info you need to whip your agents into shape. 


It’s Friday afternoon. Your coworker Dave left to meet with an old friend for lunch. You’re about to tuck into a delicious sandwich you just finished heating up in the company’s new toaster oven. Life is good. 

Suddenly you hear Dave’s phone ring from across the office

Taking another bite from your sandwich, you check your Live Manager dashboard and see the call is from a customer Dave has been working with for weeks. It’s definitely a call he wouldn’t want to miss. 

Quickly chewing the rest of your bite, you pull your headset on and then use Live Manager to drag Dave’s call over to your own extension. You introduce yourself and apologize for his absence, and then you find out the call wasn’t actually that important after all. The customer just wanted to confirm a few details and said it’s fine to send them to Dave’s voicemail. 

Dragging the call back over to Dave’s extension, you drop it into his voicemail box and go right back to your sandwich. It’ll be just a few minutes before he gets the transcribed message in an email and can decide for himself whether he wants to interrupt his lunch or not. 

Just like that, you solved a possible communications crisis without even having to leave your chair. That’s the true power of Live Manager. 

For more information on how Live Manager can benefit your business, contact our communications experts at sales@fluentstream.com or by calling 303-GO-CLOUD and selecting Option 1.

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