Phone Acronyms

FluentStream is all about simplicity. We don’t ever want customers to be a-deer-in-the-headlights with our terminology. Though we try to steer away from these “acronyms”, we think it is important that everyone has these in the back of their head.


DID: Direct Inward Dial

It’s the idea that your phone company allows your business to have several individual phone numbers. We usually just to like to say phone numbers.


POTS line: Plain Old Telephone Service

The spell out of this acronym explains itself. It’s the basic telecommunication connection with a wire line.  Think about your classic home phone being plugged into the wall.


TN: Telephone Number


ANI: Automatic Number Identification

Similar to “caller ID,” ANI is commonly used by dispatchers to track location on callers to save time. It generally has two components: information digits (identifies class of service) and calling party billing telephone number.



Traditional phone systems have to purchase “lines.” A line is a single-user circuit on a telephone system.


With FluentStream we don’t want you to have to be worried about these acronyms or any other scary technical word. Our main purpose is to make your business phone connection simple and exactly what you want. Along with our customers, we are huge fans of utilizing extensions and avoiding rollover lines. Please let us know if this all makes sense to you and if you ever need further explanation.


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