Polycom VVX500 Available with FluentStream

Remember the days when it was cool to flip open a mobile phone with the button keyboard? Cell phones have progressed a great deal since then and now use the most cutting edge of technology. But did you know that desk phones are doing the same?

We present to you the Polycom® VVX® 500, it even has a cutting-edge name! Polycom, Inc. has taken our favorite features of mobile phones and worked it into a modern office phone.


 We know how hectic work can become juggling multiple projects at once or fixing unexpected problems, so who wants to waste time learning a whole new phone system?   It appears that Polycom, Inc. realized this potential and reproduced the multi-touch screen on the Polycom® VVX® 500.  This state of the art screen models the behavior of a mobile phone, making navigation intuitive and easy.   Yes, that was read correctly, a touch-screen on a desktop phone. Not just a touch-screen either, a vividly colored touch-screen.

The phone maximizes productivity by displaying users workplace applications from their computer to the actual phone.  No need to use multiple portals to figure out when the next meeting is, users can simply look at their phone. Tired of looking at the phone screen? Not a problem, users can now transfer the phone screen directly onto the computer!

What may be our favorite feature, not surprisingly, are the web-based configurations. Businesses can now deploy, maintain and upgrade a large network of phones throughout their company more reliably and efficiently.

After all of these new niceties, what’s the next best thing to look forward to on this phone? The applications of course!  Much like a cell phone or a computer, users can now view stocks, news, sports, weather and other streamed content directly on the phone screen. Not enough? Well the Polycom® VVX® 500 is equipped and ready for future expansions, which provides us with something else to look forward to with this high-tech phone.  Expansion ideas include features like video conferencing and wireless networking.

Let’s not forget the most enticing detail about this phone, it’s available with FluentStream’s Cloud Phone solution!

So maybe now you can turn the table, or in this case, the phone, on the competition. You know, the one who always seems to be one step ahead. Go ahead, step before them. Who says you can’t have your desk phone and multi-task on it too? Talk to us about getting one setup today!

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