Productive Workday to the Max

There are several distractions that take away from a productive workday. Here are some ways for you to conquer each day and perform at your best!

 1. Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking is extremely easy for us to fall into. Especially when our to-do list is extremely lengthy. Though it may seem like taking two tasks at once will help that list go down quicker, it’s too difficult to give one project the attention it needs to. You are probably spending more time on each task than if you just concentrated on one at a time.

2. Create a time sheet

This may be the trickiest one… If you’re checking your email every 10 minutes that takes away from the work you should be getting done. Create a time block a few times a day to check your email, and then stick with it! You can take this a step further and create time blocks for the day with only one task in each.

3. Say “No”

Of course you won’t say no to everything, but taking on extra responsibilities when you already have a lot on your plate doesn’t make sense. Stick with what you have and only take on more when you realize you have extra time.

4. Take time for fun

When you’re not at work, don’t work. Set times for yourself to do what you want. Get good rest and live your life. This will promote positive energy within yourself so when it is time to work you’re able to use that excitement to create a productive workday.

5. Scheduled meetings

Depending on the amount of meetings you face each day, it’s easy to let them become a black hole of unproductiveness. Create a schedule of topics to be discussed along with start and end times. If you are able to follow your own guidelines that you set for yourself, you can create each day to be the most productive possible.


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