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At FluentStream, our customers can choose their hold music from a diverse collection of artists. Among those artists is a local duo of eclectic bohemian music, Roma Ransom. Gordon Lewis and Grace Easley spent some time bussing across the country while learning new music forms. They settled in Colorado Springs where they teach music.


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Do you write your own music?

We do. We write our music based off places that have inspired us. We have pulled a lot of our from music from Turkey, Greece and Spain. We incorporate the culture’s music then add our own gypsy twist.We also play covers during events by request; this is most popular when we play at weddings.

What instruments do you play?

Between the both of us we play the violin, viola, cello, hulusi (Chinese recorder), banjo, guitar, melodica and clarinet. We are always striving to learn new instruments and how we can incorporate them into our music.

What artists inspire your music?

A lot of our inspiration comes from artists people are unfamiliar with in the states. Django Reinhardt from Belguim is a huge one for us, he is a guitarist and composer credited with popularizing gypsy jazz. Another great one for us is an Israeli group, Balkan Beat Box. They mix gypsy punk and Middle Eastern tradition with electronica.

What genre do you identify as?

We like to identify ourselves as an eclectic Bohemian group with a gypsy twist.

What songs can our customers choose from?

Macedonian Trance

Melodic Town

Waltzon the Faults

Fun in the Grass

Gypsy Dynamo


What customers of ours do you think would most likely use our music?

Restaurants, coffee shops, taprooms, anyone in the media or entertainment industry. We are hoping our music will help callers enjoy being on hold and also open them to a genre they don’t hear as often.

Do you play around town?

Yes, all the time. The Denver music community has been so helpful getting us involved with music gigs around town. Everyone helps each other out, so now we play in Denver and surrounding cities.

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