Sales Guide to Visual Voicemail

It’s time to start assuming your prospects are reading the voicemails you leave them, not listening to them. Enter voicemail transcription. While not particularly new, the voice-to-text technology is taking over every part of our lives and voicemail is no different. 

So how does this change the way you leave voicemails?

It’s quite simply summed up in one word:

ENUNCIATE. Let’s say that again, clearer this time. EEE – NUN – SEE- ATE. See what I did there?

Pretend like you’ve entered the World Championships of Lip Reading- even though the other person can’t see you.

1)    Lead with your name and contact information (including your email), repeat it and repeat it again. A voicemail transcribed is likely being read in an email browser. So as your sales cadence is likely a combination of calls and emails anyway. Why not sync them together and take advantage of someone clicking your email from a browser even if you left it in voicemail. 

2) Do not assume they know who you are. Even if you’ve talked to them before a simple difference of Craig vs Greg can change the game. You’re building a relationship and your name matters to your prospects. Unless you’re a household name brand, assume your callers have no idea what the name of your company is compared to your competitors. Don’t let a mistranslation in words stop them from making the relationship.

3) Spell things out – especially your phone number. We get it. You make hundreds of calls a week, you probably recite “Hi I’m Lisa with FluentStream technologies and you can reach me at blah blah blah…” in your sleep” Mumbling through your name, phone number and contact info is a surefire way to not get someone to return your call.

4)    Test (and fix) your own voice. Leave yourself a voicemail the way you would a prospect to see what parts of the transcription get lost in translation. Make the changes necessary so it’s clear in writing and try it again. Everyone’s voice is picked up differently by the magic transcription robots so this will be unique for you. And hey, you’ll get to learn to love your own voice in the process.

When you work so hard for every prospect, you don’t need a technical failure to stop you from making the connection. Enable voicemail transcription so your messages don’t get lost in translation and lose a connection with a prospect. 

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