Salesforce+FluentStream: Workflow Improved

Let’s set the scene prior to the Integration: One of your sales representatives get a call on their FluentStream phone. They see the name on the caller ID, but can’t place it in their head, because let’s face it, there is a lot of information going on.

They ask where the caller is from, and scribble down notes on paper. After the call ends, they have to decipher their own notes, and hope the caller matches someone in their Salesforce.

With the new Salesforce Integration from FluentStream, that whole scene gets a lot less complicated. When a call comes in from a contact/lead in Salesforce, a screen pop notifies the rep of whatever information is already in Salesforce. Before the phone gets answered, your representative is already ahead of the game. They can take notes right on the same screen as the call is happening without having to figure out what they wrote later.

The new integration doesn’t stop at incoming and existing calls- it can also help your sales team manage their outgoing calls too. Phone Numbers in Salesforce become clickable links, and screen pops allow the representative to log information about the call right then and there. The task list just became much more manageable.

If you’re a current FluentStream customer, download the ClickToCall extension straight from Google Chrome, and log in to both ClickToCall and Salesforce. Make your life easier right away.

If you’re not a FluentStream customer, why not? Contact our sales team today, and make your phone system work together with your Salesforce.

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