So that’s what coding is.

My very first day at FluentStream Technologies, a technology startup, I sat down with one of my coworkers and learned exactly what FluentStream does and how the technology works. Let’s just say I have a new appreciation for developers. Words like “Html“, “Javascript” and “Coding” were thrown out and I had no idea what these things meant or what developers truly did. After learning about coding/programming I tried talking to my friends about it,  I was surprised at how many other people also had a vague idea about this profession.


This is what lead me to not only learn about programming but also to share it with others. So here’s my challenge for you, go out and research coding, afterwards share it with others! Have kids? Sign them up for a class! Statistics shows that the amount of computer programming jobs are growing at 2x the national average. I know here at FluentStream we have some pretty great developers, while I’m here blogging away they’re here coding away. The things they have built from the ground up and modified have yet to cease to amaze me.

So speaking from a technology startup, go out and delve into the wonders of coding! I bet you’ll learn some pretty cool things and be pretty amazed!


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