The Benefits of FluentCloud WebPhone for Chromebook

The best way for a business to stay relevant in today’s market is to have the most advanced technology. Our product here at FluentStream pairs well with Google’s Chromebook, the latest laptop from our favorite search engine mammoth. This is the first business phone system for Google for Work’s toolkit, so why not join us on the cutting edge of technology? When five million businesses have gone Google, including 64% of the Fortune 500, you can trust that a Chromebook is an excellent choice for your company. Plus, going Google and purchasing a Chromebook will help workers connect, create, and ideate with ease.


There are several reasons why a business would choose Google for Work. First, Chromebook’s have numerous features that you won’t find anywhere else at their price point, including built-in security by Google and Voice Search. With these, your computers will be safe and secure. Not to mention Chromebook updates automatically, saving you time. Chromebook doesn’t slow down, and you won’t have to either.

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, which features Chrome, Google’s secure web browser. As a browser, Chrome allows employees to work efficiently and safely while your IT team maintains full control and manageability. Chrome features web applications like Google Drive, Docs, and Calendar, streamlining your business’s logistics. Chrome and Chromebook are equipped to run all of Google’s own applications (including Gmail, Drive, Docs, and more), as well as many other business web apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Trello, and others. Combine Chrome’s features with FluentStream’s service and you have the perfect marriage of fully functional business operations.


Perhaps the number one reason businesses would choose Google’s toolkit along with FluentStream’s FluentCloud WebPhone is that you can take it on the go. Choosing to add FluentCloud WebPhone to Google for Work’s toolkit will allow you to work from anywhere and eliminates the need for actual desk phones, wiring, and other telecom equipment.

With tons of exciting features, automatic software updates, and a sleek, modern design, Chromebook is the obvious choice when looking for a business computer solution. Throw in FluentCloud WebPhone and your business is ready to tackle your toughest endeavors!

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