Today’s Game: Startup vs. Corporate

We’ve been hiring a lot here at FluentStream and are about to hire some more! So we’ve decided that it is time to play…



Walking into FluentStream it’s easy to see why the Portlandia-esque office is a top-of-the-notch startup company. A couch when you first walk in, blow darts a little further back and a hidden box of Nerf guns, this is surprisingly something a lot of startup companies have, creative outlets.

There’s also a tight-knit community for startups. People who work here are innovators who want to share their ideas and hear what others have to contribute. This creates a community of creative and driven people wanting to learn. Here in Denver we attend many events with local startups, always sure to be a good time!

Startups: 1

Corporate: 0

On a personal level, someone who works at a startup will most likely have a variety of roles within the company. This is because startups have a small team with more roles that need to be filled. This means each day can bring new challenges and will never get boring. As the FluentStream President, Joshua Elson, says, “My main job here is taking out the garbage, run the company? That’s second.”

Increased responsibility also opens up the door for more opportunities. You’re more likely to get noticed for doing something great with a small team than in the corporate setting where the boss can easily overlook it. New skills will be learned because of the different roles you take on.

Startups: 2

Corporate: 0

Want to play the game? Let us know if you think Corporate deserves a point and we’ll try to refute it or let us know why startups should earn more points! Round 2 coming soon! For now, startups win!

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