Introducing: Voicemail Sentiment Analysis

If you receive an angry message from a client, or a positive message with some great feedback, it’s important to know about it right away. We’re all too familiar with having busy schedules and not getting around to checking our voicemail until the end of the day. However, leaving an angry client with no response can be risky for your business. Our new Voicemail Sentiment Analysis feature will alert you immediately of these instances.

How It Works:

This fully customizable feature allows you to choose the sentiment range in which you would like to be notified for. The sentiment score is calculated based on positive and negative keywords that are picked up in the transcription. You will receive a magnitude score as well, which is derived from the sentiment score and the length of the message. All you need to do is set this up once, and you’ll always be notified when a message is within your sentiment range.

How To:

With voicemail transcription set up on your voicemail box, there are just a few simple steps for an administrator on your account to activate this feature. If you are a current customer and would like to set this up, please contact FluentStream support at 303-GO-CLOUD option #2.

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