Voicemail-to-Email: A Busybody’s Best Friend

If you’re anything like me, you’re almost never at your desk. Yes, it has your name on it, your stress ball, your bobbleheads, the picture from your last family vacation just before you got horribly sunburned. But between all your meetings, coffee trips, and impromptu sports debates, everyone knows to not even bother looking for you there. 

None of that is a problem until you return to your spurned desk at the end of the day (or week) and see the sheer volume of new voicemails you have waiting for you.

Now you need to sit down and check them all… one by one… knowing full well many of them will be random sales calls or unimportant pre-recorded messages. But alas, you have to, because you can’t afford to miss even one important voicemail from a boss or customer. 

I too have been trapped in the endless cycle of voicemail buildup. But fret not, my dear readers, because that’s where voicemail-to-email comes in to save the day. 


Voicemail-to-Email is a feature that sends you a notification email whenever a new voicemail is left in your inbox. Depending on your preferences, you can even attach the voicemail recording or have the message transcribed right into the email. 

That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s dig into how that actually benefits you and your business. 


The most obvious benefit of Voicemail-to-Email is how much quicker and easier it is to see that you’ve received a new voicemail. Especially if you get email notifications on your cell phone, you can see right away that a new message came in whether you’re in a meeting or on your lunch break. 

You can also see who it’s from and a transcription of what the voicemail says without needing to go back to your desk and listen. 


Sifting through your voicemails is a ritual many of us have simply resigned ourselves to throughout the workweek. However, once you have Voicemail-to-Email, those awkward sessions of staring blankly at the wall with a phone held up to your ear officially become a thing of the past. Now you can instantly see the details of a voicemail as it comes in and decide right away whether you need to reply. 

If you have Delete After Delivery enabled, you’ll never have to worry about your voicemail inbox getting full again either. Delete After Delivery automatically removes voicemails from your phone as soon as they’ve been sent to your email. That way, you can always see new voicemails right away and have a record of them, while also keeping your voicemail box clean.

Trust me, quickly scrolling through your email is infinitely more enjoyable than hearing “Hi, [Your Name]” over and over and over again as you attempt to clear out your voicemail messages.


These days, you can check your email on cell phones, tablets, laptops, watches, alarm clocks, refrigerators, etc. It’s madness, yes. But also makes it pretty gosh darn easy to access your email no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Compare that to your deck phone, which you can only check messages on… from your desk. 

When you’re out of the office, you can feel pressured to answer every work call that gets forwarded to your personal phone. What if someone needs your approval right away? What if it’s an issue with your most-important customer? However, what if it’s just the receptionist calling to catch you up on gossip? 

With Voicemail-to-Email, you can safely let calls ring to voicemail without worrying you’ll leave something critical until you get back in the office. Just check your email, and if the transcribed message looks important, step away for a minute to return the call. 


In today’s business world, customers expect lightning fast responses to their questions and issues. With Voicemail-to-Email, you make it easy to respond to an important call right away - even when you miss it. 

Yes, you can check your email faster than a voicemail, but you can also have multiple voicemail boxes send a notification to one communal email. That way, if you get a new voicemail while you’re busy, someone else can check the message and get back to the caller right away. 

The same system works in reverse too. If you have communal “Sales” or “Support” voicemails, you can have new messages send out notifications to multiple emails and make sure someone gets eyes on it. 


  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Voicemail Boxes
  3. Select the specific Voicemail Box you would like to receive emails from
  4. Enter the Settings Tab for this voicemail box
  5. Input the Email address you would like to receive notifications to
  6. Select Add Another Email if you would like to add more that one email
  7. Toggle Attach Voicemail to On if you would like to voicemail recordings attached to your notification emails
  8. Choose the File Format (wav, Compressed wav, mp3 or ogg) for the recordings you receive

If you have any questions or need help setting up Voicemail-to-Email on your account, contact FluentStream Support at support@fluentstream.com or call 303-GO-CLOUD and select Option 2.

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