WebPhone Beta Release

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 Beta is over. We have released the full FluentCloud WebPhone, a revolutionary product for your business phone communications!  TRY IT HERE FREE

The phone is a single click install that lives inside your browser. You will have the option to use this in addition to your existing deskphone or even replace it.  It also can be a direct replacement for any softphone you might use. Through the WebPhone, you have the ability to manage your call history, visual voicemail, SMS, and fax, while also utilizing all the other great phone system features that are part of FluentCloud.  FluentCloud WebPhone also features “best in class” audio quality so you can be confident that every call sounds crisp, clear and professional.

We are currently accepting beta testers before the official product release. The only specification that must be met is you need to use Google Chrome as your Internet browser and have a headset, either wireless or USB.  Built in speakers and a microphone on a computer will work as well. This is a free downloadable application from the Chrome Web Store.

At this time, the WebPhone has some known limitations: It is unable to handle multiple concurrent calls. Depending on your account, SMS messaging might not be enabled. Your contact list from My FluentCloud is not available, but this will be coming soon. Resuming incoming calls from on hold can cause dropped audio.

In the coming weeks, WebPhone will automatically update to newer versions to resolve these limitations.

If you’re interested in being a part of the FluentCloud WebPhone beta, please click the link below to sign up!

Beta Tester Signup

We do ask that during your WebPhone experience, you provide feedback (bugs, ideas for improvement, etc.) through this forum:

Feedback Forum

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