What I’ve Learned About FluentStream After One Short Week

I’ve descended into the rabbit hole. I doubt Alice would know what to do with herself.


Today marks the end of my first week at FluentStream Technologies. It has been a whirlwind first couple of days here, trying to get to know the ins and outs of what we do and what we are about, as well as meeting the rest of the team. Little did I know that there was so much to learn about our product, our market, and our culture. VoIP? PBX? We work in the Cloud? WebRTC? My learning curve certainly seemed intimidating, but in the few days I’ve been part of the FluentStream Family, I’ve learned so much about cloud-based phone technology and why our product is different from everybody else’s that the adjustment to working here has been smooth and simple. That said, I am also fully aware that the technology of this industry evolves at an extremely rapid pace; there’s always going to be something new for me to learn if I want to succeed here.


What really makes a company, though, are the people, and the people here are nothing short of wonderful. It’s not often that you start a job and instantly feel connected to everybody else. FluentStream feels like a family, a family of incredibly smart, talented, passionate people who truly love what they do. Coming to work has never been so easy or enjoyable as it is now.


Perhaps most importantly, I have learned that we are selling a powerful cloud-based phone solution that provides much more to our clients than our competitors. Not only do we provide the service and features necessary to improve a business’s phone system, but we also sell the actual phone our clients use. FluentStream cares about its clientele from A-Z and cuts out the pesky middle man. This was surprising to me because I initially thought we only provided the service, features, and functionality, not the actual physical phone. And we don’t force our clients into contractual obligations! That’s practically unheard of in this industry. Plus, when you sign up with FluentStream, you won’t have to pay setup or installation fees. Zero activation fees will make your transition into FluentStream’s system simple and painless. Basically, we care. A lot.


What’s more is that we offer live customer support for our clients 24/7/365. There’s a problem you don’t know how to fix? Our friendly reps will answer your call in a matter of seconds and fix it for you quickly and efficiently. Not to mention that when you visit our website, customer service is available for live chat; we really are always ready to help you, the customer, figure out the answers to your questions. Remember how I said that we care? We really, really do.


I am particularly impressed by MyFluentCloud Web Portal, our easily navigable tool our customers use to manage their own systems. There’s no need for the IT guy to worry about your phone system when you are using FluentStream. Of course, since we operate seven Tier 4 data centers all around the country, our technology is always functional and accessible. We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee and working within the Cloud ensures that you can use our service from anywhere—the office, at home, your hotel room; all you need is an internet connection.


I had the unique opportunity to listen to some recordings of previous sales calls made by the team. I’m thrilled to work for a place that treats our customers like real people, people that simply want a powerful phone system for their business. I’ve found that unlike many of our bigger competitors, we will never try to upsell to anybody. You are getting what you are asking for with FluentStream, and it works well. We really do have the three p’s: passion, personality, and pizazz.


With features like Voicemail To Email, Auto Attendant, Detailed Call Reporting, Call Recording, and Virtual Office within the cloud, FluentStream will give you everything you could ever need in a cloud-based phone solution for your business. And I am thrilled to be part of that mission. Here’s to my first week here—may every week be as exciting and enjoyable as this one!


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