Why we prefer Chrome

Before I started working at FluentStream I was a huge advocate for Firefox, note though, change is hard for me, I get this from my dad. However, our oh-so helpful developers have shown me the flexibility and cutting-edge technology of Chrome and how we work so well with it and now I can’t go back.  Here’s why I love Chrome:

1) Extensions

  • Google Chrome allows users to install extensions to use with their browser. This feature has allowed us to create our click-to-call toolbar extension which has become a popular feature for us. Other companies have some cool extensions too like Adblock which does exactly what it sounds like. Here’s a list of some other nifty ones!

2) WebRTC

  • Chrome has created a cool technology project called WebRTC. This has allowed us to create our own Web Phone, a truly innovative product for us.

3) Incognito Windows

  • Working in Social Media I’m constantly logging into different accounts, having to log out and then log back in. It gets annoying. But with Incognito windows I can have various accounts open on Pinterest or Twitter in Incognito and it will not be in my history OR log me out on my regular Chrome pages.

4) Organization

  • I can pin my most used tabs to the left and it won’t delete them! Hallelujah because this girl has Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest and Instagram open 24 hours a day. Just right click the tab and hit “Pin Tab” and voila!

5) Task Manager

  • For the nerds out there, Chrome also let’s you look at a list of tabs that are opened, their memory and which ones are giving you problems so you don’t have to close the whole browser down. There’s a bunch of other stuff too that goes right over my head with this but check it out, people love this handy feature.


Here are a few other really neat things that Chrome can do!


Overall, Chrome is always innovating and while Firefox and IE have features that people love, our office is full of Chrome users and think you should be too! So go ahead, try it out, I dare you! Is there something about Chrome that you love? Let us know! @FluentStream

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