Why Your Phone System Needs a Direct Integration with SalesForce

Salesforce is indisputably the #1 CRM on the market today. That’s not a paid promotion or anything, it’s just a simple fact.

And a phone is just standard for any business. Whether your business makes or receives call, text or fax, there’s no substituting for the powerful simplicity that comes with a phone system.

Combining them is too much power to be legally allowed under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890* right? Wrong.

*For everyone who isn’t a history nerd, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 is what made sales the exciting, cutthroat career it is today by criminalizing backroom takeovers and mergers for the purpose of market manipulation. Without it, you’d probably be out of a job. And bread would cost a literal arm and a leg…

Integrating Salesforce with your phone system is hands down one of the best ways to improve your businesses performance.

There’s a lot that an integration can do, so let’s dig into some of the primary ways that plugging your phone system into Salesforce can supercharge your sales or support teams.


The first benefit you’ll notice when you integrate Salesforce with your phone system is that calling prospects becomes both faster and more convenient.

Especially with features like FluentStream’s ClicktoCall+, your agents can instantly dial any phone number that appears on their computer screen. On its own, dialing a phone number doesn’t take that much time. But added up over a single day, or week, you could see as much as a 50% increase in call volume per agent.

Convenient Screen Popups

Having a direct Salesforce integration also means you get a screen popup along with every call detailing everything your Salesforce already knows about them: caller’s name, company, previous notes, etc.

No more having to put prospects on hold while you look them up in your system, or struggling to remember the last time you talked so you can check if there are any notes.


It’s all right there. Every call, every time.

Better Customer Service

Since all of your client’s account history is saved in Salesforce, wouldn’t it be useful to have that information at your fingertips the moment when a client calls? 

Just think of all the different ways there are to personalize each client interaction when you don’t have to hunt for information. 

Instead of saying, “Hello, how can I help you?”, you can instantly see all of the caller’s important information on a screen- popup and provide something truly personalized like: “Hello, Mr. Vance, thanks for calling in today. I see you recently spoke with us about purchasing a new refrigerator. Would you like more information on our top models, or is there something else I can help you with?”

See the difference? Coming to every conversation armed with all the information available means your sales team can spend less time discovering, and more time actually selling. 

Easier Data Management

When you manage all your call data directly through Salesforce, it’s more convenient and accurate than ever to track leads, marketing campaign results, regional patterns, and everything else on your account.

Do you want to know how varied strategies are serving your needs? Simply assign a different phone number or extension to each campaign or geographic area you’re targeting, and your phone system will feed your call info directly into Salesforce.

That’s all your tracking and engagement data in one place instead of needing to be manually looked up and categorized. 

Increased Performance Analytics

One of the primary benefits of a modern phone system like FluentStream’s is that we give you access to infinitely more analytics and reporting than old analog lines. Depending on what’s important to your business, you can monitor: 

  • Calls/Missed calls totals
  • Calls per agent
  • Average call times
  • Performance trends throughout the day/week/month
  • How well each agent is performing over time 

Now, integrate all that reporting power directly into your Salesforce account, and you have the most efficient way possible to track your team’s performance and identify coaching opportunities. 

Not All Phone Systems are Created Equal

Integrating Salesforce with your phones is obviously quite powerful, and that’s why it’s not possible with just any system. You need cloud-hosted communications with the reliability and expertise to meet your company’s unique needs. 

However you use Salesforce, FluentStream’s integration can connect your account with your phone system so that data from every call is captured and every customer gets the best experience possible. 

To learn more about the benefits of plugging your phone system directly into Salesforce, contact us at sales@fluentstream.com or by calling 303-462-5683 and selecting Option 1.

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