New Phone Alert! The Yealink CP-860 Conference Phone!

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When my career first started (in sales), the blocky device on the left-hand side of my desk was my most important tool in succeeding, yet I didn’t seem to put much thought or care into it.  For most people, the business phone sitting on their desk doesn’t matter to them much – they didn’t get to pick it out, it’s just a tool to do their job .  Now that my career has landed me in telecommunications, I care much, much more about that wonderful device.  Embarrassingly enough, sometimes get a burst of excitement when I see a particular make and model phone sitting on my favorite characters desk while watching a favorite tv show or movie.  I might have even came to the office the next day to set up that Polycom VVX 1500 on my desk.

Manufacturers release new business phones to the market infrequently,  and especially slowly when it comes to Conference Phones (more commonly referred to by non-phone-system-experts as a “Star-Shaped Phone”).  Now that I look at business phones differently from the early days, excitement is felt when we get our hands on a new one.  What’s even more exciting about this announcement is that in most cases there has only been 1 manufacturer to choose for a conference phone – Polycom.  The devices they create are absolutely fantastic, but I’m ready for some variety.

We’re excited to announce the Yealink CP-860!

The Yealink CP-860 has arrived, and is available to purchase and use on our outstanding Hosted VoIP platform.  Yealink has become our go-to manufacturer for IP phones, and even though their naming conventions are comical (CP = Conference Phone), we really do like this new phone!

My thoughts? The CP-860 looks cool (which is what most people care about anyways) with it’s angular, futuristic design.  It looks like a device that would project a hologram.  The user-interface is clear and easy to understand, and initial audio tests have proven to be awesome.  Spec sheets will be coming soon because this phone really is brand new.  The phone is comparable to the Polycom Soundstation 6000, and will have an option to connect external microphones.  Initial price point will be around $600.



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