5 Phone Hacks for Cold Callers

More calls, better connect rates, more meetings set, more sales, more commissions. The game of cold calling seems to be pretty simple, right? We’ve made a quick calculator so you can see just how much more efficient you can be (READ: more calls = more $$$), but implementing these outbound calling hacks for cold callers will most certainly boost your efficiency and your revenue.

1) Skip the dialing. Key pad dialing is so last century. If you’re still manually pressing prospects numbers into a desk phone, consider yourself officially outdated. You need one-click dialing so you can churn through your lists and get the volume you’re paid to do. This ensures 100% accuracy (i.e. no fat fingering flubbing the numbers), a seamless integration with your CRM or database, email or calendar to simply dial.

2) Skip the voicemail. Just with #1, we want to automate the processes that can be updated so you can do what you do best. Talk to people on the phone Left voicemail, no call back. For more tips on this, check out our blog on using Voicemail Drop to leave the perfect voicemail every time.

3) Get local. We’re talking about the magic of local area matching, which is changing your outbound caller ID to be the same (or as close as you can get) to who you’re calling. Gone are the days of jumping on a plane to visit a prospect and close a deal to show them how committed you are. Save your airline miles for a fun vacay and make the calls from your desk with your regular old office phone. Sure, it might not be as scenic, but it sure is more efficient!

4) Have them call you. Yeah, yeah. I can see the eye rolls happening as I type this. People want to do things on their terms. The second biggest obstacle (behind getting people to answer the phone) for cold callers is getting them to stay on the phone. So they’re busy? Fine. Give them an easy way to get in touch with you with a click button call back and easy agent return routing.

5) Let your CRM do the work for you. Chances are, you’re using some sort of CRM or database, sales cadence tool to identify your prospects and line up your call plan for the day. To get the most out of that and your time in the day, you need that CRM to act as your personal assistant. Get integrations to make your calls more effective. 

When every call matters in cold calls, you want every tool in the arsenal to increase your chances of getting someone to pick up the phone.

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