4 Technical Solutions for Accidental Contact Centers

Have you become an Accidental Contact Center?

Ask yourself these questions:
Has your team significantly grown to accommodate larger call volumes?
Are you struggling to find enough time to manage and organize your team(s)?
Is there a recent increase in errors and inefficiencies?
Have you noticed a sudden reduction in customer satisfaction?

If so, you might be an Accidental Contact Center.

When in a growing operation you need to manage higher call volumes, more support tickets, and larger teams. As an operation that identifies as an accidental contact center, your team may not have the foundations to successfully support these changes. Without supplemental technical support, inefficiencies creep into workflows.

Here are the top 4 technical solutions for accidental contact centers:

Cloud-Based Telephony

No phone service can adaptively scale to dynamic operations or effectively provision technical solutions to contact center teams like VoIP can.

Cloud-based telephony eliminates the need to augment expensive infrastructure as firms expand. It can be quickly implemened into existing systems and processes without compromising the speed of operations. Cloud-based phone systems provide highly-configurable features and integrations that PBX functionality cannot. With enhanced reporting capabilities, call and queue optimization, and seamless integrations with your existing software, you can maximize efficiency, no matter the size of your operation.


Managers require a centralized approach to routing tickets and calls when teams are no longer small enough to efficiently delegate tasks, cherry-pick calls and tickets, or self-manage. How is this done best? Automated processes.

Often, accidental contact centers augment their operations solely by hiring more staff. This is an effective short-term solution but does nothing to foster long-term efficiencies or continued scaling. Not only do you have a larger number of employees to manage, but also a higher volume of support tickets and customer interactions to manage as well. Automated processes provide a means to cut inefficiencies, optimize processes, and provide a sustainable solution for continued operational expansion.

Unified Communications

It is the customer’s world. The businesses that understand this are the businesses that thrive. As a support center, the best communication is done by going to the channels your customers already use, rather than making the customer come to you.

Unified Communications caters to the shift in customer preferences by offering multi-channel support communication. From chat and email to the WebPhone and social media, customers are utilizing a diverse set of platforms to address their sales and support needs. Additionally, multi-channel support provides a mechanism to reduce hold times and enhance the customer experience. This is something that landlines and PBX telephony absolutely cannot accommodate.

Big Data & Analytics

How do you identify operational inefficiencies or variances in customer experience? Analytics.

Big data analytics provide insights into operational efficiency, worker productivity, and customer satisfaction. Without it, you pave the way for performance degradation across your entire operation. Identify trends, holes in processes, workflow inefficiencies, or fluctuations in agent-customer satisfaction. The options are near limitless. Opting for technology that makes analysis intuitive, comprehensive, and integrated allows you to optimize productivity and increase your ROI.


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