Call Recording 101: When, Where, & How Your Business Can Use It

When you hear the words “Call Recording” what do you think of?

The NSA? The voice recording you hear before you speak to an agent when your cable goes out again?

Whatever it is, I bet you aren’t thinking about the myriad of ways call recording can help your business. Call recording has a suite of use cases that can propel your operation to the next level and mitigate against potential liability.

Here are the top 6 ways call recording can help your business.

1.) Train New Hires, FAST

Call recording can be leveraged for a number of training purposes. The ability to share a model recording and review business calls across multiple new hires saves management time and money during the training process. Particularly, if this new hire is learning a new sales pitch, managing an account, providing customer support, or onboarding a new client, call recordings can bring new employees up to speed in half the time.

2.) Eliminate Legal Headaches

Stop the “he said she said” before it becomes a problem. Often customer disputes arise from miscommunication and if it winds up landing your business in a courtroom, call recording can help. There is no better way to mitigate legal issues than providing the original conversation that started it all. Legal disputes put a serious dent in business financials but call recording offers a preventative measure to reduce liability and costly lawsuits.

3.) Stay Compliant

For many businesses, the ability to access call recordings ensures federal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines are met. Moreover, these guidelines frequently change over time and can be hard for businesses to follow. Whether your business is in finance, health care, or customer service, call recording provides a means for your business to CYA. You can also prepend a phone call with a recording letting the person know you’re calling they’re being recorded or deliver a different message relevant to your business.

4.) Stop Peering Over Shoulders

Managers can improve customer satisfaction and agent performance without having to make employees sweat. Review previous calls to provide agent performance feedback that improves their CSAT score. Monitor live calls without agents feeling the pressure of management’s eyes on their back with Listen/Whisper/Barge.

5. ) Attach Call Recordings in a CRM

Imagine having the ability to review a previous business call directly attached to that contact in your CRM. Teams can review recordings to make sure their tickets contain all the appropriate information or share recordings between peers when accounts are handed over. For lengthy calls or quick conversations, team members can benefit from reviewing their call after it’s completed.

6.) Ensure Quality Control

Ever mistyped an order? Shipped the wrong amount of a product or the wrong product altogether? This can happen to any business, but it doesn’t have to. Review customer orders made over the phone to ensure your team collected all the right information, every time. This improves customer loyalty, brand recognition, and saves your business from losing revenue.

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