Cloud Communication Services: The Ultimate in Customization and Control

Aside from the prospect of growth and prosperity, many entrepreneurs start a business because they believe they can offer a product or service that is better, faster, or less expensive. To realize their vision, they assume a position that provides guidance and control over how the organization evolves. Perhaps among the most profound benefits cloud communication services provide business owners is a level of customization and control that empowers them to grow their businesses their way, rather than requiring them to fit within a particular size and scope that can limit their capabilities.

Take FluentStream, for example. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 2010, our organization decided to operate as a fully remote organization in 2020 to honor employee preference. We have 85 employees located across the country. Transitioning 85 people to a fully remote work environment would’ve been nearly impossible without our cloud communication services that enable us to seamlessly connect with our colleagues and provide our customers with a superior service experience.

Cloud communication services give business owners choice – choice in how they operate and grow their business, knowing that these services will keep their organization connected from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. That choice also comes with greater control over their communication features and preferences.

This may be best illustrated in the home care industry where having a reliable and versatile communications system is crucial as caregivers and clients often need around-the-clock support, sometimes with a high degree of urgency. Homewatch CareGivers needed a flexible, customizable system to support the needs of its caregivers and clients 24/7 and remotely. The franchise also required features including call recording and advanced reports for compliance, training, and business information purposes.

“Our business requires a phone system that allows us a high degree of personalization to meet the unique needs of our caregivers and clients,” said Tim Bodor, co-owner of Homewatch CareGivers. “Being an on-the-go business, we also needed a system that seamlessly supports remote work. FluentStream exceeded our requirements, in addition to providing an always-available customer service team. We have complete confidence in FluentStream and our communications system.”

With FluentStream’s easy-to-use administrative portal, Homewatch CareGivers established rules that trigger phone setting changes based on the time of day, time of the week, and holidays. Bodor also relies on the app, FluentStream Mobile, to send and receive work calls from his cell phone without sharing his personal phone number. The FluentStream phone system fully integrates with Homewatch CareGivers’ HomeTools software to automatically record incoming calls and provide screen popups with client information.

An added benefit of cloud communication systems is the analytics and reporting features that offer valuable insights into communication patterns and performance. Small businesses like Homewatch CareGivers can access data on call volumes, call durations, call quality, and other metrics to make informed decisions and optimize their communication strategies. This level of control over analytics and reporting enables SMBs to monitor and customize their communication processes based on real-time data.

With FluentStream’s cloud communication services, small businesses gain greater customization and control over their communication systems and can adapt them to meet the evolving needs of their business. To learn more about how cloud communication services can help your business, visit

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