Customer Support: When we say fast, we mean it

We’ve set a new bar for customer support and we couldn’t be more proud.

Although just a slight change to our homepage, you will now see how long the *actual* wait time is for our call queue to reach our customer support team. queue

Make sure you looked closely at that number and its qualifier.

That’s 7.93 SECONDS.

It’s not a one time fluke. We’re proud of maintaining a 7 second average throughout the day for incoming calls.

We have a first to second ring pickup (talk about a quick draw) on most calls. While this may seem trivial, we’re sure proud of this accomplishment and frankly wouldn’t have it any other way. This level of support shows our ongoing daily commitment to customers and says something about our culture, our values, and our commitment to doing the right thing.

FluentStream sets the gold standard for what good customer support looks and sounds like. FluentStream’s customer support will never be rude or impersonal, and we certainly won’t redirect you to a million different people to get an answer.

It’s not just our opinion. Our customers consistently tell us that they love our service and support team. Of course, our technology is solid and doesn’t often need fixing, but knowing we have a great team of people behind the scenes making things run smoothly is comforting nonetheless. In addition to being the fastest in the west (and everywhere else), we deliver on top-quality service.We listen. We take the time to address problems on an individual level and recognize that everybody’s phone system and telecommunications service is unique to their business and requires special attention. We value feedback. Many of our greatest phone features have come from the feedback we get from our customers and we like it that way. We’re an evolving company and our services are tailored to meet customer’s needs.

We offer help over the phone, through live online chat, and through a ticket system. Since this is a blog on the speed of support, we should mention that our average ticket support response time is right around 25 minutes — including after hours and weekends.

We’re here to be an extension of your own IT team so you can get your team back on track without the headaches you may experience with other companies. Visit our extensive knowledge base or give our team a call when there’s anything preventing you from utilizing the best of what we have to offer.

We will be with you in seven, six, five, four, three, two, one . . .

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