Employee Spotlight: Isabelle Pullam

Here at FluentStream, we live and breathe client success.

We aim to design software that's simple enough for everyone to use. And we're committed to providing award-winning onboarding and technical support. We believe that treating clients properly should be at the center of everything we do.

A few months ago, we decided to create an internal award to reward the employee who best exemplifies this value. And so, the FluentStream Superstar award was born. It's given quarterly to recognize the Streamer who consistently goes above and beyond for our clients. 

We're proud to announce that our newest FluentStream Superstar is Support Agent Isabelle Pullam!

What Makes a Superstar

The most impressive thing about Isabelle is that she never backs down from a challenging client issue. She's always on the hunt to learn new ways to solve client issues and is always the first to volunteer when a complicated issue comes in. 

In fact, the personal touch she uses to address challenging cases is so legendary that many clients have started asking for her by name because they know everything will be handled promptly, perfectly and with a friendly voice.

One new account even stated that her compassion was the driving reason they decided to switch the rest of their locations to FluentStream. 

Not content to bask in personal glory, Isabelle is also the first one to lend a helping hand to newer Support agents. Her manager routinely raves around the espresso machine about the countless occasions she’s gone out of her way to provide information or potential next steps on tough issues, even if she is busy herself.

Interview with the Woman, the Wonder, the Miracle Worker

We sat down with Isabelle to learn a little more about what makes her so beloved by clients and coworkers alike. 

Q: First things first, what was your reaction when you found out you won the FluentStream Superstar Award? 

Well obviously I was blown away, not even because I’d won, but because I had no idea my peers viewed me in the same league as everyone else who was nominated. It felt great. 

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of our office culture here at FluentStream?

I love how open-minded the environment is both personally and professionally. Lots of places say they want their employees to be themselves, but FluentStream is the first place I’ve worked where I feel like they mean it. Whether you’re speaking your mind during company meetings or applying for a new position, you always feel like your voice and your time are being respected. 

Q: This month we’re letting our clients know about all the benefits of business text messaging. What’s the coolest text message experiences you’ve had with a company in your own life? 

Just a few days ago I started working with a teeth realignment company to see if they’d be a good fit. Sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist. I sent them molds of my teeth and everything, but still wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. Next thing I know, they text me a link to sign up and a code for a few hundred dollars off if I do it within 24 hours. Boom. Just like that I’m getting straighter teeth. 

Q: What’s your absolute favorite thing about FluentStream’s text messaging service?

The fact that it’s available on all of our platforms from the web portal to WebPhone to the mobile app so your business can text from anywhere. 

Q: As a consumer, would you rather be called or texted? 

Texted always. I don’t even answer when my friends call me so why would I answer when some random number calls me? Just send me a text so I can see what you want right away.  

Q: Alright, onto the important stuff! What’s your strangest fear?

Escalators. I fell on one and busted my knee open when I was little and now I don’t trust any of them. 

Q: What’s your least favorite food in the entire world?

Any kind of beans. They taste awful. The texture is awful. I just really have no respect for them. 

Q: If you could switch jobs with any other FluentStream team member, who would you pick? 

I would definitely pick our lovely office manager Drew. Mostly because I would love to have a legitimate, socially-acceptable reason to order the mountains of food we need for company meetings. But also because his sweater game is on point and I need to learn his secret. 

Q: Last, and arguably most important question. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you believe in aliens? 

Definitely 11

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