Features Spotlight! Phone Numbers & Cooler Voicemail-to-Email

You spoke and we heard. We have given you more power via MyFluentCloud.

We want to continue to strive for a user-friendly portal, where you are able to make changes quickly and easily. With these new exciting features to MyFluentCloud, you can now manage your communication even better. Be able to buy new phone numbers straight from your portal; and we have added on to the already popular voicemail-to-email feature.


With our new “Buy New Phone Numbers” feature, you don’t have to wait for FluentStream to pick out a new business phone number. You can buy new phone numbers directly from your portal. You are able to find this as ‘Phone Numbers’ under your settings tab. It will then give you the option to choose phone numbers based on state or area code.


With our beloved voicemail-to-email feature, you are now able to pick your type of sound file depending on the version of smartphone. Before, the sound file couldn’t be opened on certain types of smartphones, which was frustrating. There are four different types of files to choose from: WAV, MP3, OGG and Compressed MP3. First step is to login into your Web portal. Under ‘Notifications’ go to ‘Attach Voicemail.’ Here you will be able to choose what type of sound file you want to use. Make sure that it is turned ‘on.’


Right under your option to choose a type of sound file, you now can add additional email addresses to receive the notification. For example if you have a sales voicemail box and you want everyone on your sales team to receive the voicemail notifications, in the past you would have to create a specific email address via your email provider (sales@fluentstream.com) and add everyone’s email to that distribution list. Skip those unnecessary steps and just enter each email address into the portal, and you’re all set!

We hope you enjoy these new features and it makes your daily communication much easier! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on our features. We are here to make our customers happy!

Feature coming soon: Voicemail transcription! Stay tuned…

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