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Allow me to present you with four everyday workplace situations.

  1. You step out of the office for lunch and miss a call from an angry customer who needs help right that second.
  2. You’re working from home, sneak away for a few minutes to make a snack, and at that very moment an important vendor calls. 
  3. You’ve been texting with a prospect from your work number, you can tell they’re close to pulling the trigger, but now you need to go spend all afternoon in a training session.
  4. You send an important fax right before a long meeting, and without your knowledge the fax fails to go through.

What do all these scenarios have in common (besides being terribly inconvenient)?

The FluentStream Mobile App solves them all!

Let’s run all four situations back, but this time you came equipped with the Mobile App.

  1. You step out of the office for lunch, but now...you are able to immediately help an angry customer.
  2. You’re enjoying your snack, but now...you answer the vendor’s call on the first ring.
  3. You’ve been texting with a prospect from your work number, but now...you close the deal while the rest of your team was listening to a boring presentation.
  4. You send an important fax right before a long meeting, but now...a quick look at your phone shows you the fax failed and you’re able to resend it in time.

That’s right, the days of missing something important because you were “out of the office” are over. No matter how far away the job takes you, or how busy you get working remote, the FluentStream Mobile App puts the full power of your phone system right in the palm of your hand.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make the FluentStream Mobile App a must-have for all busy professionals.



Tired of giving out your personal number or carrying around a second work phone? The Mobile App’s full dial pad lets you call customers on your cell phone, but using your work number. That’s the textbook definition of having your cake and eating it too.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to call someone back on a night or weekend and realizing you only have their phone number saved on your desk phone’s call history. With the Mobile App, you can pull up all the calls made to and from your extension from anywhere and then return their call with a single button tap.

I simply cannot overstate how much stress is lifted from your busy shoulders when you can check and manage your work voicemail from your personal cell phone. Especially if you work remotely, or need to take a personal day, the Mobile App lets you live your life without feeling like you’re out of the loop.


More than just a replacement, the FluentStream Mobile App gives you access to features and tools that go above and beyond what you expect your desk phone to do.

Using your cell phone to text with prospects and customers is a whole lot more convenient than doing it from your computer. Plus, on the Mobile App it takes one button to easily turn that text conversation into a phone call.

Most modern phones allow you to manually save contacts for easy access. But with the Mobile App, you can auto-sync all of your google contacts as well as access your company directory. That means every one of your internal and external connections is just a call or text away at all times.

Just like we laid out in our previous example, the mobile app lets you check on the status of your faxes and make sure your most important documents are being sent on time. If you realize a fax didn’t go through and you’ve already left the office, don’t panic! You can use FluentStream’s Email-to-Fax feature to fax documents right from your cell phone.

This one is for our current FluentStream users.

If you use Managed Routes to dynamically change what happens when someone calls your business, the Mobile App gives you the power to make those changes from anywhere. Forget to switch your main phone number to Night Mode? No problem! Just hit the button once you get home and enjoy your night without worry.

If your Sales and Support teams use Dynamic Agent accounts, the Mobile App is also a great tool for them to accurately record their hours or let coworkers know when they’re on a break.


The Mobile App is available to all FluentStream users and can be set up in just two simple steps.

1: Download the FluentStream Mobile App from the Apple or Google App Store

2: Input your My.FluentCloud Web Portal login credentials

If you’re not sure how to find your login credentials, ask your office admin or please feel free to call FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD

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