FluentCloud Mobile App

         The power of the FluentCloud Web Portal has finally come to the palm of your hand! Out for both iOS and Android, the Mobile App allows you to check your voicemail, update forwarding settings, make calls from your work extension, and much more. To help you understand if FluentCloud Mobile would benefit your business, or just to explore some features that current users may not be familiar with, let’s tour the different aspects of the app and why they’re so useful.


   We begin our journey at the Dashboard, the same place you find yourself when logging into the app. Along the top are the four main tabs revolving around your extension:

  • Voicemails

    Here you can remotely view, listen to, and delete all the voicemails on your extension. It’s also where you can record a new outgoing voicemail message or make changes to your voicemail preferences.

  • SMS

    All of your past and real-time SMS conversations will be accessible through the App’s SMS interface. Alerts on incoming messages allow for you to view and reply to new messages directly within your cell phone’s notification.

  • Agent Status

    If there is a queue agent profile associated with your extension, you can log in/out or pause/unpause here.

  • Follow Me

    Finally, this is where you can enable/disable Follow Me forwarding for your extension, as well as make changes to your forwarding numbers and manage the way calls are handled.

         The Dashboard offers access to your cloud contacts, the contacts local to your cell phone, and a handy Directory of all the extensions on your account. But most importantly, it’s also where you can access the…


         The Mobile App’s Dialer may be used in one of two ways. The Call Relay function initiates a call to your mobile device, and then connects you to the number you dialed as though it was coming from your work extension. Or, use our new Native SIP Dialer that connects your mobile device to the FluentCloud platform through data and/or WiFi. That’s right, the full softphone functionality of the FluentCloud WebPhone is now available on your cell phone. Wherever you go, the Mobile App lets you conduct business calls without missing a beat.

But that's not all!

         In addition to those primary features, there are many other aspects of your phone system that can be controlled from the Mobile App. Manage Fax and SMS inboxes or start new SMS conversations. Log in/out of the queue agent associated with your extension anytime/anywhere. Forget to switch your Managed Route over to Night Mode when you left for the day? No problem! All of your Managed Route, extension forwarding, and even User settings can be updated on the fly.

         Whether you’re already a seasoned Mobile App veteran or haven’t had a chance to download it yet, recent updates have ensured there’s something for everyone to be excited about.

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