FluentStream Is The 1,203rd Fastest Growing Company In America!

We’re thrilled to announce that FluentStream was listed as #1203 on the Inc. 5000 Most Successful Companies in America!

That’s our highest rank ever!

While this is our third year in a row making the list (not that anyone’s counting), the aspect of this year’s award we’re most proud of is that we were also honored as the 28th top company in Denver, and 41st for all of Colorado. That’s some elite company to be in. 

How did some of our Streamers respond to the good news? 

Reigning FluentStream Superstar Ian Rigby asked, “When do we get to tell clients? Us winning is basically them winning and I’m sure they’ll appreciate the reason to celebrate.” 

Meanwhile, President Pedro Noyola took it upon himself to keep us young, scrappy, and hungry with, “Only 1,203rd? Are they sure? We can definitely beat that. Look out for us next year.” 

To be fair though, he’s been watching Hamilton on Disney+ almost Non-Stop and will therefore never be Satisfied or willing to Wait for It

Like most businesses, this year has had more than its share of challenges for us here at FluentStream. That’s why we’re unbelievably proud of our team for providing the same exceptional service and support our clients are used to even with most of us working from home. 

But you don’t keep climbing the Inc. 5000 simply by doing more of what you did before! That’s a surefire recipe for a disappointing sequel—just ask Iron Man 2… or Iron Man 3…  You have to get better, faster, stronger, sometimes even, dare we say, weirder

We became all those things and more by adding dozens of talented people to the FluentStream Team who share our passion for client success and making advanced communications accessible to everyone. 

In addition to a whole new generation of Streamers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, we also battened down the hatches with new security improvements and combined forces with our fellow industry leaders to provide even more partnerships and integrations for our clients to enjoy. 

But most importantly, we’ve kept being us. People still seem to like it!

We cannot thank our wonderful clients enough for continuing this journey with us down the stream. We often say that every client is our favorite client. Rest assured though that you, reading this announcement right now, truly are our favorite. 

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