How Cloud Communication Services Ease Business Expansion to Multiple Locations

Nearly every small business shares a common goal: growth. For organizations with office space, growth often results in the need for more space or new locations. As Bristol Dental discovered, cloud communication services make extending communication capabilities across locations seamless.

Instead of managing separate phone systems for each location, which can be costly and plagued with inconsistencies in the customer experience, organizations can consolidate their communication infrastructure into a unified cloud-based solution. This enables seamless communication between locations, enabling employees to make calls, hold conferences, and collaborate as if they were in the same office space. By establishing a unified phone system across multiple locations, each location has its local phone numbers, but calls can be routed easily between locations. This creates a cohesive communication experience for both internal and external stakeholders, regardless of their physical location.

This unified phone system has greatly benefited Bristol Dental, which expanded its use of FluentStream’s cloud communication services across its six locations. Since first employing FluentStream’s business communications platform in 2018, Bristol Dental has been able to streamline its operations across its multiple locations and improve its responsiveness to patient needs.

Previously, Bristol Dental used RingCentral and AT&T for business voice services but wasn’t satisfied with the feature set or pricing. FluentStream introduced Bristol Dental to the advantages of cloud-based communication services and, since then, Bristol Dental has readily adopted several features that enable greater efficiencies, such as a customized hold queue and advanced call transfer options. Leveraging FluentStream’s advanced reporting, Bristol Dental has tracked significant customer service and response time improvements.

“We consider FluentStream in a league of its own for several reasons,” said Dr. Jetan Patel, owner of Bristol Dental. “FluentStream’s customer service and reliability are infinitely better than what we experienced with competing national providers. They also offer features, such as Call Transfers and Custom Voicemail Boxes with Advanced Call Routing, that simply weren’t available to us through other service providers. FluentStream worked with us to tailor their communications platform to fit our unique operations and support us as we expand. We’re thrilled with FluentStream’s attention to our unique communication needs.”

In addition to seamless communication and advanced features, SMBs like Bristol Dental can centrally manage and administer their communication system, empowering them to quickly set up new phone lines and configure communication settings without the need for significant hardware or infrastructure investments. Instead of relying on on-site administrators at each location, businesses can assign one individual to manage user accounts, system configurations, and updates. This simplifies administration tasks and ensures consistency across multiple sites.

By eliminating the need for separate phone systems and hardware at each location, businesses can leverage FluentStream’s single cloud-based platform and reap cost savings on equipment, maintenance, and support. Additionally, FluentStream operates on a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, allowing SMBs to manage costs more effectively as they expand. With FluentStream’s centralized, scalable, and flexible communication solution, SMBs expanding to multiple locations can streamline communication, reduce costs, enable collaboration, and simplify administration, ultimately supporting the seamless operation and growth of the business.

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