How ClicktoCall+ Makes You the First to Every Lead

We’ve all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. It’s a fantastic fable that helps teach the virtues of patience and dedication. It’s also an utter and complete lie. At least when it comes to sales dialing.

In the world of over-the-phone sales, speed is the only thing that matters. There are no tortoises, just a line of hares all racing to be the first to call any and every new lead that pops up. Why?

Because 35-50% of sales go to the person who calls first.

That’s an insane amount of upside, but also an equally insane amount of lost potential if you can’t consistently beat your competition to new leads. 

Sure, you can put your dialing fingers through a full Rocky-style training montage — maybe cut a few milliseconds off your time. Or you can scour the country for salespeople who bring a Billy the Kid-level swiftness to their phone draw. 

Or you could start working smarter instead of harder and get yourself ClicktoCall+ with FluentStream. No matter how fast your competitors are on the dial pad, they physically can’t keep up with a feature that dials numbers as soon as you click them. 


ClicktoCall+ is a browser app that does exactly what it sounds like in the name  — instantly dialing any phone number in your web browser with a single click — plus a whole lot more. 

Why stop at calling? With ClicktoCall+ you can instantly text leads as well as call them, giving you even more avenues of standing out and starting the conversation first. 

The time difference between clicking a phone number and dialing it manually doesn’t seem like much, but when you look at the difference stretched out over a week, or a month, our clients report as much as a 50% increase in their outbound call rates. 

That’s 50% more chances to get prospects on the phone and set a meeting. How much easier would it be for your team to hit quota with that much increase in volume? 

Let our own sales team know if you’re interested in learning more at or by calling 303-462-5683 and selecting Option 1.

(See, if you had ClicktoCall+ you could have instantly dialed that number and already be talking to us right now.) 

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