How to Enjoy Business Text Messaging with FluentStream

As business texting becomes an increasingly important way to connect with customers, you may find yourself asking:

Can my business text? 

Spoiler Alert for everyone using FluentStream: the answer is yes! 

Let's walk through how.

Enabling Text Messaging for Your Business

Your FluentStream service is fully-hosted in the cloud, so adding text messaging to your account is as easy as filling out the form below.

Once you've done that, our support team will work their wizardry and set you all up.

If you’d like to set up or change the texting number for your extension, follow this quick guide.

1. Open up your web portal and log into your user account. 

2. If you’re an Admin User, click Portal, and then User Settings. If you’re a Cloud User, you can jump straight to clicking User Settings

3. Navigate to Primary Phone Number for SMS and input the phone number you’d like that extension to use for business texting


Texting with the My FluentCloud Web Portal

The SMS page of your My FluentCloud Web Portal is the most comprehensive place to manage all of your text message phone numbers and conversations. 

  • Review all current conversations for each of your text-enabled numbers 

  • Easily manage and swap between conversations on a single page
  • Start new conversations from any text-enabled number on your account

Texting with the Webphone

The SMS tab of your FluentStream WebPhone is the most convenient place to stay on top of your text messages without interrupting your workflow.

  • Check your conversations or send replies while on a call 

  • Automatic notifications to alert you when a new text comes in 

  • Pair with ClicktoCall+ to send texts to any phone number with a single click

Texting with the Mobile App

The SMS menu of your FluentStream Mobile App is the most portable way to send business texts or check conversations from anywhere. 

  • Leave the office or work remotely without worrying you’ll miss an important message

  • Conveniently manage your business texts fright from your personal cell phone 

  • Stay on top of conversations anywhere you have cellular service 

Still have questions?

Our award-winning Client Support Team is standing by 24/7 with answers! You can reach them at or by calling 303-462-5683 and selecting Option 2.

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