How to leave us a Review

As a startup company, FluentStream Technologies is always learning how to better their company and support customers. One crucial way for businesses to do this is by reading customer reviews. Businesses can learn about their weak points, understand what can be improved, recognize what their strong points are and then strive to better themselves or continue their positive attributes.

It has recently come to our attention that many customers of ours want to leave positive reviews but don’t know where to go! Well, we’re here to let everyone know exactly how to do that so customers can more easily leave us reviews and ultimately enhance our company! There are many options to choose from when leaving us a helpful review. Our main choice is,


1. This site not only let’s you leave a review, but verifies the company you work for to decrease spam and legitimize the professionalism of the site. So any review read on here is a guaranteed, credible source. One way to leave an evaluation on here is by typing the URL in your address bar and searching FluentStream Technologies. Our customer experience team all have the direct link in their email signature as well.

If this site is too multifaceted, don’t worry! Another avenue to leave a constructive review is on


Social Media

2. Twitter- Write us a direct message or a short, raving tweet. We always appreciate those!

3. Facebook- Same as Twitter! Write on our wall or send us a message, we check both of these everyday.

4. Google + Write on the wall and put us in your circle.


If none of these sites work for you, simply,


5. Send us a quick email! One of our customers recently took the time, wrote out a professional, positive letter about one of our support members and sent it out to FluentStream. Not only did it help us discover strengths about our team but it also boosted morale in the office space, which is always a great thing to happen! You don’t have to do too much though, you can just as easily send a quick couple of sentences in an email and we’re sure to pass it around the office!


We hope by sharing all of the ways that you can help us learn, you’ll take this opportunity to do just that! Click on any of the above links or find them on our homepage. Either way, we hope to hear from you!

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