Nightmare On Elm Street: Office Edition

The Scene

Ominous music plays. The camera pans through rows of cubicles in an abandoned office. Fluorescent lights flicker on and off.

Suddenly, a woman comes running around the corner, clearly trying to get away from someone. Or something…

The Chase

The woman frantically looks around for a place to hide from her assailant. She spots an empty office supply room. Relieved, she makes a run for it.

Once inside, she closes the door and stops for a minute to catch her breath. She is finally safe.

The Monster, Revealed

She turns to look around and her eyes widen as she sees what’s in the corner.

Woman: “How did you get in here? WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE? WHYYYYY???”

She screams and the audience finally sees her monster.

One, single fax machine.

Okay, but really…

This might be a bit melodramatic, but the fax machine is kind of the Freddy Krueger of office supplies. Somehow, over the past several decades, no matter how many ways we try to get rid of it, the fax machine JUST. WON’T. DIE.

Why is it that the fax machine continues to be a mainstay?

Why not fade out like its humble peers? (Think: the pager, the typewriter, or the Rolodex.)

While internet access extends its global reach, access to a phone line is still more prevalent. In addition, for industries that deal with sensitive information, there’s a long-standing perception that fax is the only way to secure information privacy.

Unfortunately, these misconceptions are holding people back.

Billions of people around the globe have an internet connection and maintaining security best-practices will keep your digital information safe.

The Benefits

Send and receive fax anywhere, at anytime. Thanks to technology like the smartphone, many of us find ourselves working unconventional hours or accessing work documents remotely. If it’s crunch time on a project, the last thing you want to do is sit next to the fax machine at work, and wait for a document. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to receive that same late-night document in the comfort of your home?

It saves you time. Unless your industry requires the use of fax, the task of sending one might be as exotic to you as a foreign language.

In the time it would take to ask everyone in the office if they know how to send a fax, learning that no one does, reading the manual, scanning the document, waiting for the dial-up, realizing it didn’t work, troubleshooting the error, resending… (you get the idea), you could have actually learned a new language.

“Future You” will appreciate it. You might need to refer to that document down the line. Instead of racking your brain and tearing your file cabinet apart, you can easily view all of your organized faxes via the My FluentCloud Web Portal.

But seriously, in business time is money. So why would you want to waste it?

It saves you actual money. Would you pay someone who sat around the office doing nothing 90% of the time, “just in case you might need them someday”? Probably not.

Then why are you paying for a separate fax line each month? You can eliminate all phone and fax lines and replace them with a fully-hosted VoIP phone service that can do it all, “in the cloud”.

Take a look at how much you spend a year on the phone line. On the machine. The paper. The list goes on. Then divide that number by the faxes you send and receive. Is it worth it? Or is there a more economical, streamlined product you could be using that makes more sense?

As long as horror movies exist, so will Nightmare on Elm Street. As long as there are paper documents, there is a fax machine. Want to learn how FluentStream helps your business take this office artifact into the 21st century? Get your unique quote.

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